Monday, February 2, 2009

A sign of the times...down times-that is :(

Let it be known throughout the blogger land..
Coastal Homegoods is open for business..
I'm hoping to generate some income for my little family..
now that I am unemployed there, I said it.
The state of our small business is sad, at best. My Mom really didn't have much other choice. Which I don't blame her one bit..Ill be back there, someday. Hopefully soon:) She and my Dad will be taking care of the day to day at the shop, so if your around, stop by!
For now, I will be selling a few things on eBay and farting around with different options. First, I will be posting the sale items here, just to give you all first crack. I know, I'm good like that.
I'm not going to charge any more than what the "parcel post" mail or the "priority mail"for the shipping charges and will not be shipping anything UPS because I do have to keep my man in business! These are some things, and I mean just some, because..this girl has some stuff!!!

Wish me luck on my new venture..Keep my Mom and Dad, self and Sister in your thoughts and prayers..because ALSO that skanky insurance company (Liberty Mutual Insurance) that has insured our beautiful historic building is really messing with us.


-and hey, if any of you Washington-Oregon visitors feel like taking a little vacation to the beach to that darling little beach house I keep talking about..well..

click on that little door in my side bar..or simply go its a great place to relax and unwind..and really not that expensive!


We are all in this together and this story, my story, is just one of MANY stories across our beautiful nation.We can, and will--- get through this--together!

Take care all!

Coastal Nest



debra said...

Yuck- sorry to hear the news. Things are scray out there. Good luck in your new venture. I, too, have started selling things on Ebay. Mostly my daughter's old clothes. I had been giving everything away and figured I would try to sell it instead. It was my first time really even looking at the ebay site and so far so good. I have sold all but one thing on there so far so I am sure you will have the same luck out. Lots of folks looking for stuff! And you have good stuff. :)

debra said...

I didn't proof read - I meant to say 'things are scary out there'! And there should be no 'out' after luck. Good thing I am not a teacher...

Kathleen said...

Lisa - I'm so sorry to hear about this. One of my neighbors here in Ashland got the word out about their rental through this company
I was planning to use it when I get Bandon ready. Good Luck I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Sarah said...

Oh Lisa. I so feel your pain:( Hoping Ebay will make you a little extra. Tough times out there for sure :(
Big hugs and prayers coming your way~

NWlambear said...

Yep...we all have to "tighten our belts" so to speak. Sorry to hear how it has also affected your family. I'll keep a look at what you will be selling...what about setting up an Etsy account? I'll let my family and friends across the country know about your lovely little beach cottage rental. Your site looks great...and pictures are so pretty and welcoming! Take care and hang in there! What else CAN we do...huh?

Michelle said...

I"m so sorry to hear about your mom's business and your job. Keep us posted on your eBay ventures. You have the eye to make it work!

sealaura said...

Hi there, So sorry to hear the sad news. I am a blurker but today I just wanted to say hello and encourage you write about your ebay ventures. I like peeking over here and being inspired. Also the cottage by the sea is just precious and it sounds like a great destination.

PLO said...

Blah. It is a sad time indeed, I haven't even been posting. URGH. I am excited to see your offerings, I had a good run with ebay, but I am too lazy now...ok, too busy with other stuff...and I haven't garage/estate sale-d in over a my inventory is low. I wish you the best girlie!

Timi said...

I'm sorry to hear that. On the other hand, I'm happy you will be around more often to entertain me.
Because you know it's all about me!

If this is any comfort to you.....yesterday when I was at a Super Bowl Party they were all talking about your little beach house. I had 4 different people tell me they looked at it on my blog and were trying to figure out when they could make plans.
I hope they follow through for you.

Cote de Texas said...

I hope things get better for you, sorry to hear about your job.

I looked at your beach house - it is SO adorable!!!! Maybe that will bring in good income for you.

you did a great job with it!!!

Martha said...

Oh, Lis.

I'm so sorry about the insurance company and your job situation. Times are just not good right now.

I can't wait to see what you sell on ebay, though.

Hang in there. I'm thinking about you!


Linda Lou said...

Sorry Lisa, it is hard out there, but a girl of your talent can sell snow to the eskimos!! that's why I was thinking about some home based food business-everybody is hurting in every industry! I will definitely see what kind of stuff you are selling.

Millie said...

You are far too young to remember Irma Bombeck (& actually so am I!) but I reckon she's channelling you, 'cos without a doubt you are the new Irma!! I love your writing style, go get 'em girl!
Millie ^_^