Saturday, January 31, 2009

White Dishes and blah blah blah......

Hello boredom..
The Family is watching the History Channel
Saskwatch Attack on Monster quest..
Shall I bore you like I am being tortured by boredom, also?
alright.. you asked for about I just put you to sleep. I am a hypnotist and have this effect on certain we go. I hope your in a comfy chair...
"you are getting sleeeeeeepy......"

"let your eyes relax, thinking how heavy your lids are"

Now your neck, relax.....let it fall gently to your chest...

~~~ although this is my favorite lovely old stoneware platter..~~~
your ready for bed now.
nighty night.
all is well, sleep tight, my friends!!
Coastal Nest
I got nothin..
next post..
shampoo, or bar soap par chance?


Michelle said...

Since giving up cable about nine moths ago, I think I miss the History channel the most. And I definitely didn't get sleepy looking at your white dishes. I'm headed toward that kind of collection, myself. Food just looks better on white--and it looks gorgeous when you have a totally random mix of white dishes thrown together to make a set. But I still love my cobalt blue depression glass and my turquoise stoneware that are thrown into my white mix.

Dona said...

I love the bowl of blueberries against your sleepy white platter:) You have a way with the camera! Thoughts of you and your town with the latest gloomy economy news. Your pictures/blog always brings out the quiet and the calm! We're thinking about hitting the beach for the antique show at Ocean Shores - The Grand Heron will be a welcome stop on the way back home! ~Dona

Linda said...

Hey Lisa, I love white bakeware, decorative ware, etc. I collect it whenever I see a deal somewhere-on Friday I got a heart shaped baking dish at Ross for $3.99!! Now that is exciting, not boring---thanks for sharing, YOU ARE NOT BORING GIRL!!

texasdaisey said...

You are too funny. I love it. Except I am pretty sleepy just spent the weekend with 12 freshman girls at my house.

unique unique design said...

Lisa, you didn't put me to sleep! I loved the lovely photos. They are great. Thanks for the kind words on our blog. I hadn't discovered your nifty blog yet, so thanks for leaving a comment. We'll be keeping up now.

Suzy said...

Oh I love the green and white! You would be horrified by my set of dishes.

Martha said...


I love all of your white dishes! Not boring at all....

Now a shampoo or bar soap post.....boring. Don't go there :)

Judy said...

I must tell you that I was with a friend today, and for some reason she started talking about how much she likes white dishes, and how beautiful she thinks they are. Immediately, I thought of you and your post on boring white dishes and how you did not think it would interest anyone...well, here we both were sitting and talking about how we always choose white dishes. I never think any of your posts are boring...especially when you have blueberries on the white plates as you did.