Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When a son takes "initiative"

Here is a little ceremony I recently attended. Seems my middle man has done such fine work in Kindergarten they wanted to give him an award!

a mother couldn't be prouder! Nice job, Finn. I adore that you skipped all the way up to your principal to get your kudos. A fine lad indeed. The award that he received was for having "initiative" I guess hes a --take the bull by the horns --kinda kid at school.

Thanks Finn, your such a good boy!

..Mamma loves ya :)


Michelle said...

Finn was adorable galloping across the stage! Way to take initiative and liven things up!

Suzy said...

Yay Finn! Nice work Lisa. We need lots of boys who take initiative, take risks, and have guts.

Sarah said...

Total skipper! What a sweet thing. Congrats Finn~!