Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thats one HAWT mailman...

My cell phone..ring ring..
me- hello?
BV- Hi hon, what ya doin?
me-workin, what ya doin?
BV-hon, its hot..
me- I know I am honey what would you like?
BV-I know you are too babe, so very hot..did you know I loved ya?
me-yep, what do you want?
BV-could you be the best wife and get me a gatorade? It is and you are hot.. working here...
BV- HHHHooooNNNN..its so hot.
me-crickets.......alright, alright.. where are you?
BV- Im right by Jens under the shady trees in front.
me-just a minute, babe..mommy will come and relieve your thirst..
BV- your the best wife ever..
me- I know it. I know..
we both hang up..
minutes later I pull up to Jens house where this is what I find..
Hi Mailman..
cuz he knows hes gonna get blogged upon..he gives me the FULL on finger blocker, which between the lines..get it? This is what I get, the finger. What kinda...wait wait..
Who could let this man go parched?
mam..... do you know how fast you were going? REMEMBER THAT?
thank goodness, it wasnt Aberdeens finest, Carry on mailmancarry on..
and thus ends another life saving rescue by the coastal nest.
The end..
isnt he handsome in that uniform?
wait, dont answer that.


Kat said...

LOL Lisa! You may be getting calls from the entire post office now. It has been toasty around here!
and....who doesnt love a man in uniform?

Poison Girl said...

I always knew your kids were the mailman's!!! You better keep an eye on that mailman...if he came to my door...owweeee! JK. No I am not kidding. Yes I am. Nope.

Poison Girl said...

HEH, HEH...I would say you are one lucky girl...but then, he is one LUCKY man! <3

Traceytreasure said...

I love my honey's uniform but he doesn't wear it anymore. Maybe I'll request it on a date night!! :)
Love is grand, isn't it? You make an adorable couple. :)

Mim said...

That is the cutest funny ole' married story. That is so so sweet.
Enjoy reading your blog and your love of your family.

Sarah said...

Awww spoiled mailman! He was a waitin to be rescued by the Coastal Nestess... how cute! Ya'll are too cute! said...

so funny!... he's a cutie!
Erin, (sister of Freshvintage Colleen)

Martha said...


Paula is tooo funny!!!!! You two are soooo cute together! I love the phone call!


Mrs. Jones said...

I've been out of town and can't remember if I told you ... love your new blog look!