Friday, August 8, 2008

blueberries out my ears!!

My, oh my..
what a good hearty pruning will do for some old blueberry bushes!
When we bought this home (going on 3 years) one of the best things about it was the grounds.
A beautiful mature garden was already in place, although it was heartily overgrown and in need of alot of attention, this was one of the selling points to me.
WAAAAaay in the back of the property was a pair of gigantic blueberry bushes.
the berries it produced the first year were sparce, but terrific and about 10 feet in the air.
so guess who..BV, you got it.. decided it was time for a little trimming.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? I cry, running out of the house as I see my blueberry "trees" in a heap on the green grass. We need to get these producing so the children can pick them-
without a ladder.
Lordy..(under my breath) Okay, you always know best. (unfortunately, most of the time its true) aHem..Anyhoo, last year was berryless (berriless?)
Uh, hey bob, wheres the blueberries? I asked..
patience, my dear. They will be back.

and again, the man was right.

so, irritating. does this happen to you?

here is a berry bad (ha ha) photo of my poor hand, dosent it look decrepit?

its really not that bad, its just scrunched.

Gorgeous! sweet, and lovely. we love a good blueberry pannicake around here, but! I am getting weary of them. Do you have a good blueberry recipe for me?

let me know, Id love to try something NEW!!


Michelle said...

Those blueberries are gorgeous! I can relate--Kris is always right, too. Drives me insane.

I'll email you my all-time favorite muffin recipe from Cook's Illustrated. They're unbelievably good.

Sarah said...

No recipes here, but I am longing for a bush in my yard. And, for the recorrd? I am ALWAYS right at my house....hehe!~

Michele said...

How about blueberry chutney? I always make a batch this time of year for use throughout the coming months. Blueberry chutney is wonderful with lots of things....and pretty, too. I've had good luck with this recipe:

Kat said...

Im no help with recipes right now. I have no idea where they might be at the! I can name a couple family favorites
Blueberry scones with lemon sauce
Blueberry pie
You should freeze some use this winter.

Martha said...


blueberries ROCK!!!! I'm sooooo Jealous!

Traceytreasure said...

Yummy, yummy in my tummy!! I love blueberries!! With some milk, juice, yogurt and ice, you'd have some smoothies!!
Hugs!! :)

Traceytreasure said...

P.S. I love your new header and the new layout!! Loved the old one too! You can do NO wrong!! :)

PLO said...

HOW COOL! I have always wanted to grow blueberries! I only like them in pancakes and muffins though. I didn't plant a garden this year...I just don't have the time to devote to it...and I miss checking my daily hoo.

Miles said...

Heyy fenrina!

I hope you have a hufflepuffish good time at the GH today! :) Your little animals are being fantastic today! :) Hopefully the same tommorow! :) BTW: Yes,,,i AM on the computer! :) lol

FenrinaLuva 2+2=4 said...

Hey fenrina! :)