Wednesday, August 6, 2008

beach walk, people get your boots.. or take off your shoes and socks and go barefoot!!! lets go

My baby boy, had his #5 birthday out at the beach..
Adorable-no? I love how his little face is ALWAYS dirty. And those baby blues? well. They speak for themselves. He is a pistol, and a lover all rolled into one big chubby body.
I cannot get enough of him!Here we have birthday fun! Adorable, children I have..Here we have the Whole Damn Family. Well, except me, you know the photographer. someone needs to invent a mommy cam, for those mothers that are ALWAYS left out of the photos. WHAAAAA!!! okay, enough of that.
Dont I have a gorgeous bunch of peeps?
I LOVE ALL YOU!!!This is our Birthday beach walk. Heres where we started.
The High Tide Resort is in Moclips Wa. The grounds are awesome and its right on the beach. Along the fenceline are tons of painted rocks, by passed guests. Its an awesome display of peoples fun vacation, anything they want to paint on a rock, well its on there. Me, being 42 now, could cry at a drop of a hat..Anyone else like that? Anyway back to the story of the rocks. Its really awesome to see. It makes me get a lump in my throat to look at them. Why is that? anyone? its fun vacation time..Im so frickin strange.
anyhoo.. if your ever in my neck of the woods, go check it out and report back. Its very cute. The way they display them damn rocks.

Although we didnt invite Mr USA to come with us, he was strangely near us the whole time. In the trees, on the beach. There are alot of eagles out here on the North Beach. They are AWESOME to watch. I bet this guy was about 4 feet tall, if you can click on it to make the photo bigger, check out his nice talons. OUCH!!! Not easily intimidated, he stood at the waters edge and checked us out just as much as we all were in awe of him.

The sea was

LOW that day, my friend..

a few lovely beach shots for your pleasure.. or if your not into that, well, this is the end of the road for you, go on and click outa here.. skeeeet.
Then theres these boys, and a few girls.
Loves of my life..
remember Tettie loves you all!!!
Tettie, is the new fangled version of teta, which is Aunt in Croation..long story, I am an aunt, Teta and tettie, just because I am a crow. Caw CAW!!!
get it???
its a family tradition.
(I love it)
you know, Im all about tradition. You?

trouble city right here...

shivver...from the cold cold water, now go roll around in the sand.. Kids,

Oh, hello handsome..Did anyone ever tell you what a good man you are?

Tettie loves BOBVILLA!!! to the moon and back!

This is the Moclips River, which flows straight into the...Bueler....Bueler???

Yes! Pacific Ocean. You are all getting very smart at the school of Coastal Nest.

Thank you for learning.

Anyhoo, this is the River all these vertical logs poked into the sand is an old old train tressle that use to have trains running on it. The turn of the century there was tons of people coming out to the beach, a gigantic old hotel use to be just beyone the river here. I will post about that someday, its a great history lesson for us..

I call this shot beach grass sand and logs. great title, no?

VERY favorite house on the sand dunes in Moclips. cutest little salt box you ever did see. No one is ever there. Shall we break in? I dont think so.
cool sand..
This ends the tour of the Pacific Beach Moclips
Birthday beach walk. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Please exit through the rear of the bus and dont forget to tip your waitress.
till next time, people.. I bid you adeu-
BV and I have finally decided to get OFF of the roller coaster UN-real estate market and just simply have the darling coastal nest as a
vacation rental.
stay tuned for more drama from this mama!!


Michelle said...

It looks like a perfect birthday weekend! I love your tradition--that is one gorgeous stretch of beach.

Sarah said...

I have learned so much from the School of the Coastal Nest. So Much. Loved the birthday walk tour. That is quite a crew you have there... I would cry at the rocks too-trust me!