Sunday, April 13, 2008

Givin you one for the road...or possibly seven???

Hello bloggers.. my new buddy Lisa has bestowed upon me the task of yet more interestingness about me.. Even though, you know, Im really not all that interesting.. Here we go...please bear with me..better yet. go on to another blog. I am not worthy..This is moi, and adorable wonderful middle child..the only one with blue eyes like his mama, although you cannot see them in this photo.

#1- I am a loaner. My best friend just up and died in 2002. Cant seem to find anyone to fill her shoes, so.. I hang out with this girl alot. Shes funny and, well since she borned me, I guess she gets me.
#2-I am so totally in love with this dude well mostly love, alot of lust, and sometimes I like to throw things at him. Passion, people.. its all about passion. Oh, and he totally gets me too. I like that in a spouse..
#3-These two and her make my heart sing.
#4- I love the thought of myself fitting into a size 8 pair of jeans..Even though I am a totally perfect size 16. Im fine with it-not. But, I get up at 5am every day 'cept weekends and go with my dad, to the gym and cardio for 30 (okay, sometimes 25) minutes and do nautilus after that.
I dont think I have ever been a size 8.
#5-(we're almost there peeps) I wish we all lived closer, so we could get together. do you ever think about REALLY meeting all your blog friends. This is what I do while I am working at the beach. Wondering which one of you would be good painters, or carpenters, or house stainers, or wheelbarrowers, or firepit managers, or beer drinkers, or more interestingly, who WOULDNT like to work and try to boss me around..radical fantasy, eh?
#6-I am an absolutely horrible dresser.EVERY thing I own has paint on it. At least one speck, somewhere. Im sure of it.. I think I could be on What not to wear. I am sure Clinton and Stacey would love to rip my wardrobe to shreads, laugh at me, poke at my big boobs and muffin top and make me shop for pointy shoes and jackets that have darts and a little bit of a waist, and always the classic boot cut jean, you know, to elongate the slightly chubby, you know, I could wear these awesome clothes out to the beach to paint and do contractor things in. Id never make it in NYC. By the way, NYC would never make it here either..cynical bitch, arent I..
#7-I love my blogger friends- YOU know who you are and YOU have made my life alot more interesting. I am so glad I started this adventure- Whatever you do (everyone of you who thinks they arent interesting, or FABULOUS) please dont quit. Life would be dull without you out there. Thanks for your blogs-girlfriends...LOVE YA!!! everyone of you!!
Wake up!!! (im shaking your shoulder) wake up...Im done.. now get your jammies on and go to bed..You look tired..


Cutzi said...

Yes. Bummer. I was so interested in all your links! They seemed so... you know, interesting.

I thought of you as I was driving back from vacation this last week. We cut over at Astoria. Still a ways away but sort of "coastal." ;-)

Jan said...

What a fun read. You seem like such a fun person for sure. I think
its great that you go to the gym with your dad. Sorry about your friend in 2002. Glad you found another. Size 8 is so overrated.

Michelle said...

I am a fabulous painter and beer drinker. Just so you know.

I can't wait to see your progress on the beach cottage!

Sarah said...

I so need to hang out with you. You have sooo much energy... I need that in a friend :)

I am a good painter, and not so much a beer drinker... but I do love margaritas! I would be the best firepit manager you could have. I have never worn a size 8 and never will.

Oh and I hate wheelbarrowing, with a passion. My hands blister easy you know.



Traceytreasure said...

You are so, very interesting! I love, love, love my bloggy friends too! I want to meet every single one of them. I dream about giving each and everyone of them a hug. I lost my bestfriend in 2007. She didn't pass away though, she started partying after she left her hubby and kids. I miss her a lot. As for #6....I think I'll be turned in way before you! I'm learning to love my muffin top because I hate to exercise! Oh, and BTW....I CAN PAINT!! Hugs, T

Laurie Anne said...

I'm definately more of a beer drinker than a painter (my painting always looks like I have been drinking) :0)

PLO said...

What happened to the links? I love hearing about YOU!!! I feel the same way about you and my bloggy friends. What would I do without you? Come and see my frightening self portrait.

PLO said...

BTW...I don't do beer, but I can chug my bacardi and diet right along with ya!

Mrs. G. said...

I think I might be beyond the WNTW people's help-I often think the before looks better than the after.

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Helloooo.. I had such a good laugh about your comment on my blog about your daughter!

You know, I often think about meeting my bloggy friends too but then I wonder what we would all be like in "real life"...would we connect on the same level that we do in blog world or would there be some HUGE surprises??? Ach! I don't wanna know!!! LOL!!

I am so sorry about your best friend. You must miss her terribly.

Martha said...

I imagine hanging with my bloggy friends would be absolutely like hanging with my girlfriends group here in MNZ: Loud, laughter, interrupting, disagreeing (but never fighting about it), and gossiping.

And frickin' Delta Airlines better honor my Northwest miles that I've built up.

I've got SUCH a muffin top over here. I even started weight watchers yesterday because of it. It's just not pretty. And I'm way bigger than you. And I don't go to the gym every day with my dad. How cool are you and your Dad???


Martha said...


I can paint. I like it. And since our dear Sarah is so delicate? I'll steer the barrow.

But here's the drinking deal:

1 or 2 drinks: Marty gets fun, but then abruptly falls asleep.

3+++ drinks: Marty pukes.

There is no in-between. SIGH.