Monday, April 14, 2008

This weekends happs...

Hello my people..Here is yet another installment of my weekend with the love of my life, yes, this handsome handful of man. My very own BobV.
Guess where we went?
Yep.. this place here. Guess who went with us? Yep. This handsome pint sized lover boy..cookieface.."Mama, I love it when you let me have oreos for lunch" I know sonny boy, I know..Guess how warm it was? Not to upset the poor minnesota-ians? ites? Let just stay it started with a 6 and went up from snow here...Well maybe this is snow white.. Nice job, Villa..very nice. Lets also give Mrs V a hand, especially your pointer finger, as my finger print has been rubbed clean away from all of the calking I "got" to do this weekend. "he MADE me do it." End of the day, Mrs V has bandaids on both her poor pointer and tall man. yes, if you are wondering, they do feel a bit better today. As they have had a day of rest. Not bleeding, anymore, anyway..Looks smashing, eh? We do good work together..

My "P's" (parental units) came out on Saturday and helped. Dad installed most of the new light fixtures. Isnt this adorable. So vintage...(looking,got it at lowes)The other in the background is also a lowes fixture. Crave them.

By the way, there was time for a little snuggle, and a few beers. Had to get some sunshine.. Look, this poor pedicure. Lordy. Someone please intervene and get Mrs V a little TLC for the feet..PULEEEZE!!

Here is some eye candy. I love it when he measures..(hiney twinge!!!) He, however loves all this orange equipment that keeps popping up everywhere I look..See there, there is my calk gun..Of coarse, its right next to BVs gun..We are like that, you know..Look there, it looks like the guns made a little calk baby.. Oh how sweet...Those window boxes my dad made for me (my cottage) hes the best..LOVE YOU DADDY!!!
Heres more Eye candy, hurry Marty, go get your man..Zuddy would appreciate this shot..PLO would you like to get your hands on the handlebar moustashio and show him, too?
Heres some cottage porn for ya..
Manly work.. Oh ya, baby.. nail it in good...

Products of the Villas, being good little house flippin kids..
Can you believe, this is one of my jobs, also? Have you ever had to paint a house with your make up brush? FORCHRISSAKES!!! lord help me now..
One bright spot.. The ever lovely and always well made up Mother, and beautiful woman was out there- To assist me like no other. I LOVE YA MOMMY!!! (isnt she so cute?)
So, I, we had a great, productive weekend. Got lots accomplished.
come on, you know you want to!!!
PLEASE, let me know what you all think!! I need your feedback, its the only way I can carry and my meat fingers wont be able to calk another piece of trim without YOUR comment!
from the coastal nest--


Traceytreasure said...

Maybe you shouldn't hold your caulk so tightly! I couldn't resist! I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old! :) I'll buy that house as soon as I win the lottery! No joke! You are all doing a beautiful job on it!! Have a great week, Lisa! xoxox

Michelle said...

Ha! Tracey just made me snort. I guess I'm a pre-adolescent boy, too.

Lisa, it's looking GORGEOUS! I love the fixtures, the colors, the wainscoting--everything! You are doing a great job. Do you think you'll take on another flip after this one?

Lisa said...

Hi Michelle,
Theres one across the street from this one, waiting.....

Sarah said...

It looks greeeeat! I love the caulk humor too... (snicker) the fixtures are my favorite! You little flippers look so well behaved...mine would ransack the place. What a cute mom you have, great help to have!

I need more more more! Get yourself some work gloves sista!!


Your Momma is adorable.. I see where you get your good looks and great skin!!! Love seeing the coast over there. looks so different from ours over here.
lovin' this house... maybe I need me a Coastal getaway!!

Martha said...

This is the best post EVAH.

I hope the next time you go to the cottage there aren't a mess of little caulk guns. I hear they're prolific. Like Bunnies.


Anita said...

Oh me, oh my! Are you ever gonna divulge your paint colors? Or maybe ya did and I missed it! Lovin', lovin' the look! Great choices for lights, too. Wow, if I had the $$ I'd put a deposit on it now or buy it sight almost unseen!