Thursday, April 10, 2008

Working vacation....

Hello all my friends out there in blog land..
Just a quick not to let you know that I am going to be off
out at the beach-vacationing-
the long list of "to dos" continues, and we are sprinting to the finishline.
Please think of and pray for me as I use all my mathmatical skills to help bobvilla cut intricate cuts, and measure..ooh Im getting very nervous. hes gets a little testy when I assist in this area.
(remember-I lack good math skills)
I make up for it in other areas, oh plo, you and your gutter mind..
I was talking about my decorating skills!!!!
Love to all, lots to post about on monday..


Michelle said...

I'm rubbish at math, too. I always think of these "brilliant" shortcuts, but it turns out they're just "wrong".

Good luck with all your work. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and BV that everything goes well. I can't wait to hear about everything on Monday!

Sarah said...

I am good at second grade math and that is it. Good thing I don't teach third grade.

Good luck, I cant wait to see the finished product!

Traceytreasure said...

I must have a gutter mind too, because I was thinking "right-on!"
Not that I ever want to picture my friends doing it....I'm just glad that they do! "Cause if we were the only ones...I'd be embarrassed!
I also lack math skills. Hubby is the math teacher aroung here. I make it up to him....Hehehehahaha:)

Traceytreasure said...

I meant around not aroung. I wish these comment things had spell check! GGRRRR.....Have a great weekend! Hugs!

Jan said...

Wish I could go. Sounds wonderful. Can't wait for Monday pic fair. Have a great time.

PLO said...

I caught that remark, little miss hiney twinge. I am sure Bob Vila did not marry you for your math skills! Ha. Working in those close quarters can be dangerous. Good luck! xoxoxox

Lisa @ Take90West said...

I am having trouble helping my daughter with 4th grade math. Because they do division differently now. Who knew there was another way? Oh well, you're not alone in the math dept.

Tagged you at my blog.

Mamabird said...

LOVE your blog, you are the best - and i need a style question. this is my FIRST renovation, a soon to be cottage full bath. I am hanging beadboard on the walls, using an old pine chest as a lower cabinet and dropping in an overlay sink on the top of chest, replacing the potty and reglazing the tub. Question....must i use white tile on the floor? I found some beautiful 18x18 tumbled marble, rough and pitted, in a light toupe, for a great price. Go with it or use basic white tile? You and mr. villa are the best!

Lisa said...

Hi Mamabird,

NO...your the awesome one, where in the heck did you find that delectable tile??? What a find! lucky lucky..

Run, dont walk, to the dreaded home depot and get yourself some grout and get them babies on the floor!!! This is too juicy, indeed. You lucky girl. I want some photos!!!

Also, after you are running, not walking to the HD, run back to your computer and get a blog!!! This way, all your new and low brow friends you will find out here can lurk, give advise and be snarky to you, just as they all have loved me..
Bloggin chicks are the rockin-ist girls I know..
love ya all!!!

sa said...