Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I would die and go to heaven to have this black subway tile in my kitchen, or bathroom..and that floor? gaaaaaa. Black and white is soooo put together and crisp..

This photo is too perfect, too. The random awesomeness of it all drives me to drink. I mean decorate..

The chalkboard wall..good in thought, but wait till you actually have a whole big gi-normous wall of it..then throw in the darling ankle biters to scribble and draw on it..the chalk dust is EVERYWHERE..
believe me, I know. Its definately a love/hate..
 Now if you are an adult with no children and an artful eye to just have fun and draw perfectly on it, well then you are set. This would be a dream for those types, this house, chalk dust rules the day when the kids are into the creative spirit.. I love it, dont get me wrong..its just alot of upkeep.
The black house..tried this too, we painted over a white house that had old old scratch shingles, and no turned out so horribly we ended up selling the house....BA HAHAHAHAAAAA! We had direct sun ALL> DAY> it really didnt ever get a chance to dry slowly, I guess..The black paint worked like crackle paint, it was
{to put it bluntly}
we quickly outgrew that sweet house..moved in with one child, and out with 3..We left the black crackle painted house behind..Now if you had new siding..I would totally go for it.. except if it was new cedar shingles that we are putting on this hubby would divorce me before we would get to paint...

That leaves me with this little saying..not really, just thought it was perfect..

could you live in this room? for thought.
[and I think not]
too dark, especially for the long winter days here in WA state..
I love to look at it though..
totally swank.

All these black and white photos come from me, here on this lil link..
If you dare, follow..if you must. Life is short, get to pinning~


Everything Coastal said...

Hi sweetie! Black always looks good in the photo, but totally agree with you, does not work for the Pacific Northwest. Spring is on the way....

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oooohhh....and it always makes your (well, MY) butt look slimmer. Can't hate on black. No siree!