Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thirsty Thursday.....hang on, its almost the weekend!

its been one of those weeks....School challenges me with my children more than I would like to say..

Of course, none of my sweet cherubs are at fault..Busy running here, running there and all of a sudden I need to apply the brakes..


Quite possibly bathing myself in one of these beautys.. I always did love the smell of vermouth on a Thursday, mmmm..

no olive though..please..those went out with my Finn Patricks pregnancy..
Im salivating looking at this right now..
you care to join me??
Here here to Thirsty Thursday and a nice weekend..


Amber Rose said...

Oh sister, I'm sooo with you.

jmac said...

heh. were you hiding in my house today taking those pics??!!!! cuz I sure had some flowing today!!