Sunday, April 5, 2009

Its Amazing, Grace.....

This is the epitome of beach cottage living to the Coastal Nest..
Its darling name is Amazing Grace, she is on Tybee Island.I absolutely ADORE the mix of old and new, shabby and chic, if you will.
(I know, those words are sooo over used..)

The sweet flooring in this bath, the adorable green stool, one of which my gorgeous mama has one nearly like it in her laundry room..(stalking it..someday she will give it up)
I love how this magical place is not overwhelmed by new and fancy marble from home depot and deluxe windows by whoever..Do you get what I mean..Its just so ding dang comfy!

This photo RIGHT HERE, with these darling bunk beds was the reason I set out on my excursion to find a beach house to renovate. Although the bunk beds didn't come to fruition..we know that the Coastal Nest did, in fact find her little slice of, how you say..

So, if you could choose one of these rooms to kick back and enjoy the surf from, which one would it be?

Can you STAND this kitchen? Those darling bar stools?
Ive got a problem..why am I so freaked out by the awesomeness of this house?

maybe I was born in another time, a girl of the shore, somewhere..
who knows.

I love all the plank interior siding she used here. I bet it was uncovered or something delicious like that. Oh, by the way the great decorator who gets all the credit for this cozy little re-do is
Jane Coslick.
Shes good, reeeeal good, eh? She has been in Coastal Living a number of times, I believe lately shes even showed the before photos to this home. Yikes, what a site it use to be...I even had a few email conversations with Jane waaaaay back when we found this place,
go ahead and say yikes..
the sweetheart gave me nothing but encouragement and enthusiasm to go get em..(which I know you know I did, with the help of that awesome BV)

Is this not the most darling little kitchen? I was HELL BENT on a teeny range for my little beach cottage when we first started the renovation..
Notice how you don't see a gigantic Thermador stove here?
COTTAGE..say it with me...

cottage..a little bit of heaven on earth
and if your lucky enough to have one your
lucky enough!!!
isnt it a wonderful life?

Coastal Nest

oh, then theres this..decorno KILLS me..

check it

fartster, this ones for you....


Three Dancing Magpies said...

That is it, I am moving to the shore, with or without my family. What wonderful eye candy!

Cher said...

This beach home is just ding dang gorgeous! ADORE the screen door on the kitchen pantry!

The Texas Woman

Jen Kershner said...

Pick a fave? Are you kidding? The 1st bedroom maybe? Or the bathroom? Or all of them?

Laurie Anne said...

You are so right about "less" being more. We have a little cabin off of Hwy 2 and the kitchen sported a little stove just like the one in your post (it also had the cute little squatty fridge that when with it), but the flood came and wiped out many houses along the river. In an act of kindness my father rented the cabin to someone who had lost their home and how did he repay us?? By trashing our cabin and killing our little stove and fridge. I cried, I LOVED those appliances. They were the best part of the cabin :0)

Sarah said...

Ahhhh Heaven!

Susan said...

You just showed my dream house! Wow! I love that kitchen best.
Hugs, Susan

Amy said...

Okay, the video was hilarious! The cottage is beautiful, but for me has too much white. Mama needs color. Especially seeing as how our beach climate is not hot. The furnishings are the bedrooms.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, anyone have any clue where to find the pics above the bed or tub, first photo's? or something close to that? I love how the colors pop against the white.


Coastal Nest. said...

I believe if you go to the link I put on to the coastal living site the artists name is mentioned there, or it could be janes blog, not positive..
Coastal Nest

Michelle said...

I'd like them all, please. "Shabby" and "chic" may be overused, but they describe this look so perfectly.

debra said...

OH, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE each and every room you showed us. When I see photos like that I kind of wished I hadn't painted any of my walls. I think the kitchen is my fave, if I have to choose.
Thanks for sharing!!!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I would take this home in a heartbeat! I just love everything about it ...especially the bunkbeds and the kitchen. What a great decorator she is!! So appreciative that you showed us all of these pictures. It is definitely my style.

Matt Kennedy said...

All you need is a giant front porch with a rocking chair and I could live there forever. What a beautiful arrangement of old and new.

Millie said...

What can I say -it's all been said girl! I reckon this little cutie would be the one thing to get this dedicated Hillbilly down to 'the sea, to the sea, to the beautiful sea!'
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...