Saturday, September 15, 2007

We're Here!!!

Outside view taken from the roof so you can see how close we are to the beach. About 1/2 a block to the beach approach and then you are there. Miles and miles of pacific beach, almost at our door.
This is the cute little baby from the outside.
Another photo of the house from near the road. Its going to be a cutie pie when we are done......someday.
EEEwwww! A really filthy bathroom-alltogether.
Side shot. I adore the shutters. So NOT pacific northwest.
Well, I have finally gotten the photos of the cottage at the beach to download, not sure what was happening, but here they are. Remember to have your eyes wide open. Its a disaster, for sure-but WELL worth the $80k we paid for it.

This is the front porch, which will be coming off very shortly. Cottage is only roughly 1000 square feet.
This is the side yard, yes very very dinky. We are thinking of putting a small very low deck in this area. Behind that lovely flowering bush there is the bunk house. This was an addition in the early 50s. 2 nice size bedrooms. We are going to put a pair of french doors coming out to the deck from the front bedroom.
Dont let the mold, mildew, water damage and general really really REALLY bad disrepair make you look away. It really has good bones (rotton as they may be) This is the living room in its pepto bismal color. Hard to believe someone lived in these conditions.
This is the bedroom that you can see from the outside shot of the bunk house. The window there will be replaced by a french door.
The door on the left goes out to the back yard carport area. the door to the right is the way to the bunk house. so gross. This is the dining room for lack of a better word. I think it will be more of a common area once we are done. Interesting, huh? What do you think of our project?

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Jen said...

You are so lucky to have this fun project. I wish I could find something like that. Of course we have no ocean in Indiana... I can't wait to hear about your plans for this place. It's got great potential.