Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Suellen Mary Theresa Dick-Metke, or.. what I like to call her, Mamma!!

Well, Here she is~
My adorable Mama!
(and her ever trusty sidekick of 43 years, my Daddy..)
She is having a birthday, her 65Th!
Pretty excellent, no?
Absolutely adorable?
The best girl a girl like me could have on her side?
Ode to my Mother..
A brown eyed beauty
with excellent red hair
shes got more spunk than 10 women, I dare.
Raised in the country, she says it was a pity..
Lots of people really think she is from New York City!!
Its the hair and the make-up and the daring dress code,
they didn't really do that out East Hoquiam Road!!
I get my 6Th sense from her genes, yes I do
I wouldn't have it any other way, its true.
Its gypsy and magic and love from from above
from another brown eyed beauty who's on wings of a dove.
Its your birthday sweet girl, and my love is so true
Its strong and its tight and its only for you.
You've taught me so much about life love and loss
I really do love that you are my boss. An excellent one to a tee, I do say.
Your number one girl really just wanted to say..
~I love you,
Happiest of Birthdays!


Traceytreasure said...

Pretty excellent, YES?
Absolutely adorable?

You have an awesome Mom, Lisa!!
You're very lucky to have her and she's lucky to have an awesome daughter like you!!

Hugs for you both!!

Traceytreasure said...

s/b Pretty excellent, YES!! No question about it, dear! Sorry for the typo!

Three Dancing Magpies said...

I love your mom - Happy Birthday Mrs. Metke!

Millie said...

The apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree here Lise! What a foxy lady - birthday wishes to Mamma from across the great divide. Party hard Lisa's Ma!
Millie ^_^

Linda Lou said...

I have tears in my eyes Lisa, what a sweet post to your Mamma!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Happy Birthday to your Beautiful Mother! She does not look to be 65. And you, a poet too?? You just have an abundance of talent. Good poem. She must be a very special lady.

Love, KSBL said...

You are tagged!
You are it!
Visit my blog to see what you have to do!
Have fun and hope you do it!