Tuesday, April 14, 2009


People, please....
Im having the utmost trouble with my kodak easy share program..My nearly 10,000 photos are starting to get jiggy..
Im very worried.
Along with the worry and the trying to figure out whats going wrong, and how to remedy the sitch, I have been cruising through album after album..
Thus..this post.
My girl, on her 1st birthday
this is why shes got this lovely smile on her face..

She and he, were both infected the same time. Her, approximately right after she got her shot for the virus. They really didnt show up very much on her, but Finn...Well, we have scars.

He just had to have the Birthday hat on, too. What the heck..

Arent they just the most?

Even with the pox?

Time flies people..it really does.


Amy said...

I wish I could help. I'm sure you've Googled?

Just a little something from Judy said...

I cannot believe how much this lttle girl looks like you. Do others tell you that? Sorry that I can't help you.

Linda Lou said...

Oh Lisa, time does fly, my little baby is turning 21 in June!!!!! Hello, cherish them now!!

Michelle said...

Have you backed up your photos? I'm a big fan of portable hard drives for photo storage.

Those are some adorable kids!

vintage at heart said...

I read somewhere that Kodak will start to charge???? Then again maybe I just dreamed it.. I do that too weird huh?? Old age!!!
Lovin' that pic!! My youngest had them for her first Birthday too and was EATEN up with them!
Hope you figure it all out!!!
Happy Tuesday!

An Accomplished Woman said...

I wish I could help but I love your pictures. Love your kids.

What about flickr?


Traceytreasure said...

I just cleaned out the files in my Kodak Easy Share program. I have duplicates in My Pictures. I narrowed my collection of over 2,600 to almost 800.
I just can't get over how cute your kids are! No wonder you have so many pictures!
Good luck and hugs!!

Martha said...

Even sad, your girl is delish.

Finn must be Mr. Easy Going....still a big smile on that beautiful face.


I don't understand the Easy Share problem? Are your photos being stored on Kodak's site?

MissBliss said...

so adorable!!!!! what a 1st birthday!