Monday, April 13, 2009

Ohhhh, Tax day more ways than one.

Here it is..What? April 13, 2009. If you have been a follower or commenter or even stalker of this blog for any length of time, you know about my moms store Grand Heron..

Also, if you live in Washington state, you might remember that storm that the coast had, what, 16 months ago?

Remember our insurance company????

Yes, these people, as if they even use the Statue of Liberty for their logo, they also make warm fuzzy commercials about how caring and concerned they are


they make me laugh...

Remember the lovely lovely Grand Heron? If not, here are probably the last shots taken prior to the hurricane..yes, I said hurricane.


Crazy how time changes things.

so sad.

Not my type of insurance...

Here are some photos of the inside the day after the storm quit blowing..

Here is the roof, all rolled up, and off, of where it is suppose to be..which is not in our parking lot.

So, on tax day April 15Th, there will be a big meeting. Our adjuster, their adjuster and an umpire. From what I understand, things will finally get rolling..16 months later..that's a good response time, don't you think?

What I would like from all of you is to send good vibes to

this place.

and this girl, my Mama..shes been through a lot.
we REALLY would like a fair and equitable outcome.
Its only right. Right? You all are the best...
Coastal Nest
(the daughter)


Cher said...

That is so sad. It was a beautiful place. Hope you get MORE than a fair settlement!

The Texas Woman

vintage at heart said...

I will say many prayers for your sweet Momma that she may get justice and what she deserves!!!! (Rotten insurance company)
She is so pretty, I can see where those good genes and all of that talent you have come from!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I just cannot imagine how sad that must be every time you look back at those gorgeous photos. I wish you and your mother the very best in this settlement. Please let us know how it all turns out.

Amy said...

Dear Mama, I'm so sorry about your store. I looked wonderful. I wish I had had the chance to visit it. I will send you all kinds of good energy vibes this week. People don't realize we have hurricane force winds here. The first time I travelled over Highway 6 to Portland after the storm (and after they would let us through) it looked like a bomb had been set off in the middle of the forest.

Mother Nature is fierce, but you are a fighter, Mama.

From your adopted daughter in Tillamook,

Linda Lou said...

You and your Mamma deserve only the very best outcome from this BAD insurance company Lisa...I will think good thoughts of your during the MEETING!!

Sarah said...

I cannot believe this is still going on!! Hope everything turns out for your momma! XOXOX

An Accomplished Woman said...

Oh I will be praying for you.... your Mom and you deserve a fair judgement. Keep us posted.

I loved the store and I am sure you both miss how beautiful it was. I hope it will be again.


Millie said...

I know it's a tired old cliche but it's perfect for this story -'Don't get angry, get EVEN!' 16 months is a ridiculous amount of time Lise, your Mum should pull out the old 'Pain & Suffering' clause too. All power to you both.
Millie ^_^

Martha said...

I'm praying for you and your Momma!

And after I'm done praying I'm gonna go and kick some Liberty Mutual BUTT.



Michelle said...

Sending you lots of positive energy for a good outcome!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

That's terrible! And so ridiculous that the insurance company didn't do a better job when they were needed.

What a beautiful store. I hope it can all be restored!

Timi said...

Damn it! I'm so behind! I'll still be sending good thoughts for your family in dealing with one of the branches of ORGANIZED CRIME we now call insurance. F**&ERS!