Monday, March 9, 2009

out of the box...shoe box, that is.....

Are you THIS kind of girl?
Do you have shoes like this?
Is this normal?
I went on a housecall for a woman whom I totally love, shes a doll and we always have good conversation and work well together. She has just gotten a new master suite added onto her home, it is gorgeous beyond belief, even without any interiors. But, I was flabbergasted when I stepped into her closet.
Im sure I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor.
Im not this kind of girl
Tellme, am I missing the boat?
Is this where its at?
Heaven help me.
Im sooooo not there.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I don't even think I own 10 pairs of shoes. And 2 of those are flip-flops!
It's mostly because I have painful feet and try to avoid wearing shoes. I do admire cute shoes on other people.

If I had that much money, I'd be spending it on books.

debra said...

Not much help here as I am not that type of girl either. Looks like a shoe store.:)

Suzanne said...

I use to be that kind of girl... if I found a pair of shoes I liked, I'd buy it in every color. And sometimes I would only wear them once or twice a season. When I moved from coast to coast, I sold over 100 pairs of shoes. It was painful... and I also sold lots of handbags as well.

Now... I only own maybe around 45 pair... but I usually only wear my bireknstocks anymore! But I admit... I probably have 9 or 10 pair of those! For some people, it's pictures and picture frames, mixing bowl sets, or people like me... I love shoes, handbags and accessories! And I love to put a good outfit together for work!

Michelle said...

Oh wow.....I maybe own 20 pair. There's more than 20 there right? Lol! Heck at least she's neat. Mine are thrown all over the closet I'm embarrassed to say. I do have a lot of clothes though. In fact, I'm putting a lot up on eBay this week, some shoes..that I haven't even WORN yet!! It's terrible, isn't it?

Michelle said...

I have three to five pairs of shoes that I rotate, depending on the season. I only buy really comfortable, well-made shoes that I love (which tend to be pricy), so I own very few pairs. I much prefer quality to quantity. I can't imagine having to design a whole room to store my shoes. I'd rather use that money and space for a zillion other things.

(I just realized there are two Michelles. This is Martha's niece Michelle.)

Martha said...

Oh my gosh NO.

I am NOT like this...I wish I were because then it would mean I cared about my appearance!

I just bought some shoes for work the other day....I think it's been 4 years since I had new work shoes.

They are black.
I'll wear them every day.
I'm such a loser.

Linda Lou said...

I am not a shoe gal Lisa, I would rather buy jewelry, stuff for my house, my kitchen, my kids, maybe it has to do with the fact that I have honkin bunions! Shoes hurt, so I wear flip flops alot - what else would one wear as a girl who lives by the beach???

Julie said...

My mouth fell open when I saw that picture - I thought they were yours! I like shoes and always admire other people when they have a great pair on but usually can't justify buying them for myself. I will admit to having about 5 pairs of Danskos though because they're SO comfortable. They are pretty much my wear to work shoes.

Nina Diane said...

oh good grief no....not that kind of gal.
I have good comfortable winter, dress shoes and casual. Then for summer, flip flops and some casual slip ons. And that's it! oh and tennis shoes for that exercise I never find time for...haha

Traceytreasure said...

I want to be that kind of girl. My shoes are under my dresser, around my dresser and in bins in my closet. I love my shoes so much I posted about all of them last year. The post is called 'Mama Loves Shoes' in case you want to see mine. I only have just over 30 pairs and my total collection only cost me around $200.00. I buy most of them slightly used!


pinkstilettos said...

yeah i'm not this kind of girl either even though I wish I could be but my budget or closet can't afford it! Daisy~

Diane said...

Holy cow!!! If only...I actualy ran out of the house yesterday in my slippers.. this would be nice though...

Mary said...

I don't go anywhere fancy enough to wear shoes that nice. I do own a lot of shoes, but they're flip flops, sandals, espedrils, ug boots and tennis shoes. All casual and comfortable. Every one of them were on sale (usually Old Navy or Target)or free from freecycle

Kat said...

Thank goodness Im not there. Id need more closets! My DD could easily be there. She loves shoes.

MissBliss said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is wonderful!!!!

I live at the beach, however, it is South Beach... so, flip flops and heels are in order, it is the best of both worlds!

I admire her organization and collection! Whatever makes you happy!!!

As Stacy says on What not to Wear, every woman loves shoes, she just needs to try on a pair!

MissBliss said...

i have to say even more...

i embrace the simple life, the ocean, writing, and, well, i also happen to love shoes.... they are what comes between you and the world out there!

I am definitely an appreciator of the best marriage between comfort and fashion, so please send those suggestions my way if you have them!

I am also going to link to this for chocolateshoesandcoffee readers :)

An Accomplished Woman said...

Umm, guilty. Not that many shoes but I have a lot. I don't wear many of them but I like them.


Jen Kershner said...

Well, I didn't use to be that girl, I'm still not at that level and probably never will be, however, I now am a smidge shoe crazy!

By the way that shelf is made from the notorious plywood I spoke of.

Jake said...

well first off im not a GIRL