Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gettin Crabs.....

But first we have to prioritize..Then, after we visit with the homechicks a bit..grab a little(or a lot) of whats good for ya..Paula, don't hate me..You were sitting right next to me the whole time..
(in my crazaaay mind, anyway. I did think about you though:)This is how the steadfast and earnest chics crack their crab..( I know, I'm good)
Can you smell it? Mmmmm the salty sea goodness of a Dungeness Crab feed. Dab a little behind your ears for later..

Hard workin people of the Harbor, enjoyin the crab festivities.. The carnage..

From Mr Wonderful..

There is NOTHING more fun than this day with my man (and my mom and dad..HI THERE!!)

But mostly..the crab..and the man..and the crab.. and the beer..
And the man.
Im a simple girl..with simple needs..So much fun!
Next time, you really ought to just say..
MMMmmmmm..crab, anyone?
Coastal Nest


Just a little something from Judy said...

Lisa, The crab party looks like so much fun. I was at one of those in my lifetime, and I treasure the memories. By the way, last night I was having dinner with my sister, and she was talking about painting her bedroom. She made the statement, "I wish the lady from Coastal Nest would show up at my doorstep, and do the whole bedroom over for me." Now, how is that for a compliment? I didn't know that she ever read your blog...let alone, admire your talented decorating skills. Happy Sunday to you!

Martha said...

Hel-LO Crab!

That date of yours sure has a nice set of choppers :)

love ya.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Where is the melted butter??

You are a GOOD crab cracker, honey!! YUUUM!!

PLO said...

AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh! You did a good job of imagining me there, I could almost taste the succulent crab! I did not know BV was a vampire, now that I know explains a LOT! If I was there, you would be so impressed with my novice crab pulling skills...I don't even use tools! Thanks for thinking of me, I sure wish I had been there physically! I was thinking of you yesterday too...come see!

Mary said...

Perfect example of coastal cuisine and entertaining...Beer,tons of crab and good company-doesn't get any better than that! :O)

Traceytreasure said...

Thanks for stopping by! It was so nice hearing from you and you should call me Paula from now on...It's a compliment!!

Looks like good times and if you're going to get crabs....those are the best kind!! heheheheh!!


Nina Diane said...

oh yum.....crabs!

Diane said...

Oh Man, I am missing the coast! Moved away from it too many years ago! Your site is hysterical! Great blog!

Millie said...

Those crabs were in perfect hands Lise!
Millie ^_^

KSBL said...

so... you don't know me but I happened to be introduced to your blog maybe about a week ago and let me say you are adorable and so funny!

anywho, ever since i saw this post about the crabs i have been CRAVING them! I just saw crabs at our local grocery store and I was SO.CLOSE to buying them... but I didn't. My boyfriend isn't the biggest fan of seafood... so I decided to wait until I can get my hands on crab another day.

your blog is lovely! keep up the great posts!

from KSBL