Friday, January 9, 2009

WHY..Why.... why???!!!!

I am a little bit irritated.

teensy eentsy...


tell me..just what are we going to look to for inspiration??


I was thinking.

MOURNING, actually..

about my long lost COTTAGE I get this email..

we girlfriends are really going to have to kick it up a notch, be better photographers, better decorators, better inspirerers..

we are all we've got!

chalk it up to the age of....aquarius..A-QUarius...

(excuse me..carried away there..)

oy..Im sad.

bye bye

Country Home, you were good, reeeeeel good.

thanks for the memories.

coastal nest



Laurie Anne said...

I didn't know cottage living was going away. bummer. I have every isssue :0(

Judy said...

Quite honestly, with your decorating ability, you could create your own "Cottage Living" magazine. I will miss that magazine also. Some changes I just don't like.

Timi said...

I knew it was coming and yesterday I got my notice. They are sending me Sunset instead which I already get. So now I have to call and aske what my other choices are. What a hassel!
I'm getting Country Home now which is ok but I'm truly in love with Hobby Farm Home. My new favorite magazine.
You have a good point. YOU need to start taking more pictures and writing more article type things on your blog, so I have something to read.
Now hop to it! I almost have my new Hobby Farm Home Magazine all read and I'm going to be lookin for something to read!

karlene said...

it is very sad, I wonder what will replace it?

Linda Lou said...

I heard too, I used to get Country Home for years, but with BV's talent you could start a Washington Coastal Cottage Living magazine...there ya go, your new career!

PLO said...

I am with you. I am especially upset about the Country Home, which I faithfully purchased. URGH. There is crap out there now. Total freaking bummer. I guess you will have to make your own mag. Start with an article on crabbing. MMMMM...