Thursday, January 8, 2009

A long lost Aberdeen..

Hey, Would you like to set out on a little tour, of sorts?
Let me show you a little piece of forgotten Aberdeen History..As I was taking these photos, all I could think about were ghost hunters. I was kinda freaked out, but knew that my Daddy was up there checking on the roof, so, no un-dead could REALLY get me..He would hear me scream and come and scare the vapory apparitions away and let me finish my photo shoot. --ha ha, like I am any kind of a photographer.. anyhoo..lets go. I took this photo of this blue eyed ghost through a very dirty window, you know, to document the girl..just in case I went through a vortex, or into the 4Th dimension with the vapory apparitions..gorgeous wallpaper, it almost looked stenciled..
Very old sofa..

room after room of old office space.

Martha, this is how I want you to do your kitchen tile, exactly..except you will keep the tile on the walllllll. Everything old is new again, isnt it funny how this type of subway tile is so in vogue, again.
All these lovely panneled walls, and the tarrazo flooring. gorgeous, and very dusty with years and years of grime and grit. Just look at how beautiful and shiney these fabulous walls are. The wood is in pristine shape. Still.

a beautifully, artfully cast vintage water radiator, on its side, no less.

a very well used broom

lovely old office with awesome transome windows and great gold leaf lettering on the door.
stenciled accents in one office, great old lighting fixture.

this little teeny sink was in a little teeny closet, the door to the closet was about 5 feet tall, the sink was mounted about 3 feet off the floor. Its amazing how small the average human was 100 years ago. My 6 ft 8 brother would have been considered a giant back then.

forgotten fixture
another random photo..

I hope you enjoyed the tour. I am sorry to say I didnt see any ghostly apparations. Well, not sorry. Cool old place, eh? Who would have ever thought..


Susan said...

There were some beautiful things in that building. The radiator was gorgeous! I wish things were as beautifully now (without costing a fortune). There was such art in every day things. Thanks for the tour.
Hugs, Susan

Timi said...

What a beautiful building! What are they going to do with that building? It should be cute little shops and resturants. Maybe that's not such a good idea right now. It would probably be back to abandoned in a month.
Great pictures!

Michelle said...

That is exactly the kind of place that I dream about finding and fixing up. I love the craftsmanship and thoughtful details of places like that--gorgeous.

WSU Laura said...

Love it all! Were you there for a specific reason??? Wink wink nudge nudge...I won't tell, promise. We have a mutual friend looking for subway tile.

Linda Lou said...

Is this beautiful home Bob Villa's next project? It would cool to see what it coud become again, after BV works his magic!

karlene said...

that wallpaper is gorgeous!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

I love it! The history that place must have. cherry

PLO said...

I am confused. No, I haven't been drinking again. Where is this? Did you buy it to open "Costal Nest Design Co"? I love the door with the gold lettering, old school is cool man! LUV YA!

Anonymous said...

A very neat old building. Just curious, where is it and are you planning on refurbishing it? Margie

Devon said...

Please tell me you own that place. Loved the couch, the subway tile and the possibility of what it could become. It's amazing!

Thanks for commenting on Decorno. Led me to your site!

Suzy said...

Yes, Lisa...I love Kurt. He was a brilliant artist. A touch dark, of course...but all the brilliant ones are! He seriously was your classmate? That's awesome!

Anita said...

Ohhhhh, I was in vintage heaven! Loved the layers of old, aged, peeling paper, wood and fixtures. Yummo!

By the way, do you know if us subscribers will be reimbursed for issues of these magazines that are going out before our subscriptions end?

The Coastal Nest blog is definitely my "go to" for inspiration these days with the lack of printed media.

Anonymous said...

What a neat place! If only...