Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Up on the house top..reindeer...wait..what???

Guess whats going on at our house!!
Finally, remember LAST DECEMBER???
We had massive roof damage, and we were insured with FARMERS Insurance, people pleeeeeese..
WEll, they tried to write me a check for $113 for my roof damage.
$$$113 dollars!!
guess what, the coastal nest would not settle for that.
no way.. I have been a thorn in their side EVER since they did their trick of
"pulling wool over eyes" routine..
do not settle for less than you are owed people..
do NOT settle.

after months and months..

and over a year..

and hiring an independant insurance adjuster..

we were due what was owed to us.


Insurance companies, especially the one mentioned here..
do not work in your favor.

I feel finally vindicated

a judgement was ruled in favor
in favor..
of the coastal nest!!

it was a long hard haul. Finally its getting taken care of.
I have severed my ties with Farmers insurance, and now am with
State Farm.
I am sure we will have a good relationship.
They will take excellent care of us and never work against their insureds the way we were worked over by Farmers..right mark??

I have never seen harder workers in my life. Its definately a job I would not care to do. The roof is soooo steep, they have to be in harnesses and roped off, so they dont FALL off.
thank you
AA roofing!
a job well done, well almost done.


Michelle said...

Congratulations! Way to force Farmers to pay up--I'm just sorry you had to stick it out for over a year! I've had great service from State Farm; I've never had to file a claim, but I have a good feeling that my agent would take good care of me.

Coastal Nest. said...

I had a "good" feeling too, sorry to tell you that your agent has nothing NOTHING to do with ANTYHING when it comes to claims.

They send in the "specialists" to feel your pain and sympathize with you, then tell you they arent going to do that for you..

Mrs. G. said...

Yahoo for justice!!!!

Timi said...

Well isn't that the best news ever! Good job not backing down!

Insurance is nothing but organized crime! At least the Mob operates with some rules. Insurance just operates as they see fit, when the mood strikes.
Good job!

Linda said...

Way to go and get what is due you!
Glad you are getting it done. These companies get so much and frustrates me when they don't want to do what they are paid for!! Grrr.
You go girl!
Lovely house by the way.

Martha said...

GAH! I love your house!!!

You GO girlfriend!


Kat said...

OMG...its about time! Im glad to hear that Farmers finally did the right thing. It took them long enough!