Thursday, January 29, 2009

a silly meme

Linda lou over HERE has a little meme to do, so go to your photos, pic the 6th file and go to the 6th photo and post..

Here it is!!

Mothers day

Little sweetiepie and her ever loving Daddy.


go ahead, show me what you got in your 6~~

let me know by telling me in my comments.


NWlambear said... adorable! These are precious moments captured on film...
BTW I like the game...just not sure how to "tag" someone.

Linda Lou said...

Bob Villa loves his sweetie pie, and she is definitely Daddy's girl! What a great pic Lisa, thanks for playing.

Timi said...

Very cute! You have the best kid pictures. Your kids are going to be so thankful one day for all those great phots with them and their very cool parents.