Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ohhhh Domino..

YET MORE teardrops on my pillow tonight....

I'm not sure about you, but being the magazine hound I am

The coastal nest is getting mighty sick of all of the

glossy reads dropping like flies..

pass a Kleenex, will ya?

Dearest sweet domino,
Its been good...real good..while it lasted!


Laurie Anne said...

The thing that cracked me up about Domino is that it was sold as a mag for young homeowners. In one article they featured an entry redo with a 3,000 mirror. When I was a young professional I know I had that kind of coin to drop on a mirror. Still makes me laugh.
Seriously, I'm with you on all the mags closing up shop. Very sad.

Timi said...

Really? For Real? I wasn't a regular buyer but every once in a while the had something fun.

I'm singing.....another one bites the dust.....another one down.......another one bites the dust. Or something like that.

They cancel my New Hobby Farm Home and I'm getting a clown suit, a gun, and headed to magazine land!


Me too, I depend on my magazines and thank goodness I have hoarded them so I will have something to look forward to !!

Suzy said...

Wow! I honestly don't know what I would do if "Real Simple" magazines ever stopped. Or "Runners World." Even though we have the 'net, there's just something deliriously delicious about sitting down with tea and a crisp glossy magazine. *sigh*

Linda Lou said...

Hey Lisa, let's have a cry fest on all the magazine funeral's we have had to attend the last few months!! It's scary out there, what is a girl to do, when she doesn't have her pile of magazines be a couch potato with??

Judy said...

I keep learning these new magazine departure facts from you and yes, it saddens me too. But, if you keep posting your beautiful pictures and fun stories, I might not miss my magazines so much.