Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When a precious girl turns 4

Pink pink pink...
how come every little girl is so fond of pink?
My girl, as it would seem, is so devoted she can hardly stand herself.
Her mama, well.....not so much. But I let the girl have her way, most of the time..
Shes had a great birthday this week.
wanna take a peek?

We got in a few "spontaneous" shots prior to our family showing up..Shes the light of my life, this little one..my 40Th birthday surprise from my darling husband..
a-hem...nuff said..All the little darling wanted was "a cupcakemaka mama"
a what???
Here she is..giving it the ol eyeball..

Here she and her brother are..the next day
Mama is not completely sold on the "cupcakemaka" But what the hell, you only turn 4 once, and anyway my buddy Martha (who I am going to actually hook up with next week)
got her girl an easy bake oven, so..I figure I'm in good company, right? right..

Here are the lovely little packages of highly processed cupcakemaka ingredients..





Turns out that the whole cupcake is made in the


the whole thing is ~the fwosting..


it takes an expert eye..look at her..

The next Martha Stewart and her cupcake.

which, to me, looks a little like a


add sprinkles to the horribly processed and highly sweetened ..oh, and so VERY

PINK fwosting..


pink cupcake heaven..

Happy Birthday my little sweetie pie

4 never looked so good.

I'm so glad your my little brown eyed baby, my little snuggle bug and angel from heaven. To where I would go..there and back, for a cupcakemaka..




Suzanne said...

Awww... How fun and sweet! (I'm 50 and I like pink!) She's adorable and you are so lucky to have such a doll-baby!


Cutzi said...

What a cutie-pie that one is!!

And what a wonderful birthday gift BV gave! I'm sure it was a completely selfless act on his part.... ;-)

Michelle said...

It seems that the horribly processed, highly sweetened, artificially colored cupcakemaka ingredients have made your baby very, very happy.

P.S. Cutzi just cracked me up.


She is a doll and has some fierce decoratin' skills just like her Momma!!!
Happy number 4!!!!

Sarah said...

Aw! Happy birthday!!! Tha cupcakemaka looks like fun! And Cutzi is too funneeeee!

Reese & Marie said...

Hey you,
I dropped off an award for you at my blog. Pick it up anytime! :-)

Timi said...

What a fantastic birthday!
I want to have that birthday party. I wuv cupcakes.

Traceytreasure said...

Happy Birthday Precious 4 year old!

She's so beautiful, Lisa!!

You and your hubby do good work!!