Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ode to my coffee, on my furniture and around the home..

Although this post is very old, It is what I am choosing for my link to
Here..come join in the fun!
Consider it an encore presentation of sorts...
the 2nd and third photos are my very VERY favorite things of all time. I purchased 2 of these 2 corbels on ebay many years ago.
The gorgeous old ironstone plate is as crazed and brown and lovely as ever.
My Mom and I were talking about color last week. She was saying how she adored this fun brightly colored (yellow, fushia, and red) Christmas tree she brought home from the shop for her take on Christmas this year. She said "Im sooo sick of white." Not exactly that she has ever decorated in the white way. Ever. She just said its so happy and fun, you know--for a change..
It got me thinking about my own home and my beach cottage, too.
White..Although I adore white, creme, beige and all that this color entails, I really dont decorate white.
I always have color on my walls light color, at this time in my life, I adore color. In our last home I had the most magnificent Traditional beauty. I painted her livingroom and entry the color of a tulip leaf. All the woodwork the brightest whitest enamel and then covered the floors with a really great soft as soft could be- light yellow-creme carpeting.
It was gorgeous. I miss that house. It had floor to cieling windows in the livingroom that were to die for. The next post will be about Isabel Way. (our 2nd home together)There was so much color in my last few homes I think Ive gotten tired of too much on my walls. Now Ive got the feeling I want to add more color... but....
Anyhoo.. Im off track..
back to white..
Im not sure how I got so hooked on crusty old chipped painted white..anything. Its an affinity I dont think I will ever get over.

I think it is such a great contrast against any color, light or dark. Soft, aged and mellow.

Do you think it looks boring? Honestly..
Is there a thing as ---too much white? There, I said it.."""shiver"""Although, this is not my home- this last photo, it very well could be. Are you a color girl or a creme girl? what-what-what...lets chat.. more question for all you girls who do laundry..


love em


leave em??


this girl needs your input. I hear they are great for the "earth" and all that water conservation and that.. but I also hear that they have this problem of being so water tight that they, after a while start to get a musty smell to them.


Its an investment we need to decide on and I am going to listen to you inter-peeps.

Let a sister know..

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas!!





Rossetti said...

Jack in our office sold us our front loader before we hired him. Stop by the office and ask him all you want about em. I am sure he could give you tons of info. I love mine except it does get a bit musty if it isnt open much.

Denise said...

I like the environmental benefits of my LG frontloader BUT (and this is a biggie) water sits in the door seal and it does get moldy! If I'd have known, I probably would've purchased a different model. One feature I've been interested in is a steam clean feature.I love this laundry room is this beautiful or what?

traci said...

i love my front loaders. haven't ever noticed a musty smell. i have color in my house. but when i see a home that has lots of white or cream, i long to redecorate. it all looks so peaceful and calm.

Suzy said...

Okay. I'm huffing and puffing, I have so much to say.

I have nothing to say about white, or colour, because my decorative engines are stunted, in need of oil and replacement.

However, I have done the front loaders and I don't like 'em. Not one bit. You have to buy the efficient laundry soap, and none of them smell as good as the regular stuff. I like good laundry smell. It's important.

I also love seeing gobs of soap go into my washing machine filled with little boys underwear and bath towels. Just a sprinkle of energy efficient soap just doesn't make me breathe easy.

K, I think that's it. If you want to save water, or energy, just use cold water rinse or something. That little bit helps.

Linda Lou said...

I have had a top loader for 10 years and I will switch when this washer goes kaput!! I like the look of white when I see it in a photograph, but i prefer lots of different colors and pattern -white is calming and peaceful, but I am not, so i don't think it would work for me.

Timi said...

You can NEVER have too much white! I love the color white! Love all those pictures you posted.
The majority of our house interior is all white. We are redoing a bathroom right now and I'm putting in everything white. I might paint part of the walls a color but for the most part.........white! My next favorite! I'm thinking of doing all the trim work and doors in our hallway black. Having a hard time selling The Hubs on that but I'm working on it.
Front loader! I love my Maytag front loading washer and dryer. It's huge, takes less soap, and washes a queen size comforter easily. Which for me was more important then how many pairs of jeans it could wash at one time.
The musty smell does happen once in a while. Especially during the summer. HOWEVER....we have figured out that if I leave the door to the washer open a little so it can dry out in between washes it's not a problem.
I would totally go with the front loader. It's also easier on your clothes. I have noticed that things don't wear out as fast, colors don't fade as quickly and.......well I would be a poster child for Maytag if they wanted me.

Berry Girl said...

Hey - just popping over from The Runs (I see you over there often)

I love white too, and off white, and creamy beige...but I think you have to have the right kind of house to do it...for example, my 1970's bungalow would a 1970's bungalow if I painted all my walls white, which is what they were when we moved in here...

That said, there's nothing I like better than a white/off white/beige/creamy palette. Mostly because you can then add your punches of color in the dishes, or the throws, or the artwork...

as for front loaders, I don't have one, but my friend does, and she traded it back in for a top loader. The front loader left a big puke spot on her daughter's duvet (gross) and her husband's work clothes were looking the same as when she had put them in...dirty. Her top loader had always gotten them cleaner.
However, top loaders are easier on the fabrics, which is nice, but that agitator in the top loader is what really seems to get stuff clean.

wow. that was long. sorry.

Berry Girl said...

sorry - that was "front loaders" are easier on the clothes...

Michelle said...

I like photos of white rooms--I adore that photo of your stacked white plates and the "eat" sign--but I don't think I could ever have more than one room in my house in all white. I have eclectic tastes, and I love colors and patterns combined unexpectedly. That said, lately I've been all about white dishes and white bath towels; there's something very clean and pure about white for those items. And food just looks better on white plates.

I can't weigh in on washing machines from personal experience, but I checked Consumer Reports, and they love front-loaders. Drop me an email if you don't have access to Consumer Reports, and I'll give you their picks.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I've never decorated in white. Kids, long-haired cats with dark fur.
Now we live in an apartment with beige walls in every room. I just HAD to put a cinnamon-pumpkin colored sofa and chair in the living room.

I actually gasped when I saw the jat of white buttons. LOVE!!!!

caren said...

I have a front loader and it does get musty smelling from time to time. You just need to leave the door open a bit between uses. BTW - I love white, it looks so clean.

Martha said...

Okay. So much to say.

Love the white, but in the tundra here, we tend to add color to the warm it all up. But I've been meaning to ask you: Is your sofa slip-covered? I noticed in one of your photos, it's a yummy velvet.

Washing machines...I have an LG front the time I bought it, it got a good rating on Consumer Reports. I LOVE it!

I never smell any mustiness, but Denise is right there is a little water that tends to sit in the seal....though I've never had it get moldy or anything...and it's only a teaspoonful or so.
I do find that for my loads of white clothes, I need to do a prewash and set it for a heavily soiled load...this is a super-long cycle, but it makes sense when you think of the tiny amount of water the machine uses.

My machine broke this summer and I was going to the laundromat until Zuddy fixed it and my clothes weren't nearly as clean because the cycle times weren't as long.

Like Suzy, I like a serious 'clean laundry' smell so I dump in a little extra Downey...I can't bring myself to be 'green' with my laundry soap yet. I love the smell of Tide and's the little things, right?


Jake said...

I love your ...all white "flinch" theme. I hope Ryan is doing well after his sugery. you should do a post about ryan surgery.

Judy said...

I will use any wash machine that does a great job cleaning my clothing. I have had a top loading one for the last 7 years and I really like it. When it goes, I will make a decision although I tend to stick with something if I like it. As for color, I choose the tans, whites, and taupe shades, although I do like some colors. My friend has each room in her beautifully decorated home, painted a bright shade, and I love visiting her home. It is not my choice, but I really do think it looks great! So there, I was absolutely no help to you whatsoever, but I enjoyed sending you this message. With your talented gift of decorating, I know I will like whatever you choose.

Mrs. G. said...

I love white but it makes me seriously nervous.

Kari said...

I love white and never tire of it. I have 2 little ones so I can't do say a whole couch in it, but I have lots of white pillows, and white accents. It is so refreshing in spring and summer and crisp in fall and winter. Love it. As for the front loader question, I have one and love it, and the only time I've noticed a musty smell is when I leave my wet laundry in it overnight or something. *embarassed* And it's not brand new, so I don't think that musty smell thing is true... unless of course you leave wet clothes in it for an extended period.

Love your blog by the way and you look like you have *SO* much fun at the beach with your family. So jealous!

Amy said...

We got front loading machines for two reasons...1. better for the environment with less water and soap. 2. Countertop over my front loading machines (with front controls too).

I do leave the washer open a crack when not in use to help with the musty smell.

Honestly, I don't think my clothes are any cleaner than with a top loader. But I would never trade my front loader now because I absolutely LOVE the extra counter space in my small laundry room.

Soleil said...

Even though I love the look of creamy white rooms and decor, I'm most definitely a color girl. I don't want my environment to make me feel peaceful, I want it to make me happy and give me energy. My Hubs says it looks like a crayola box threw up in our house. I do seem to have a penchant for so many shades of it.

Now for the front load washer debate...I have one and love it. The only thing I miss is being able to soak my clothes in the washer. I just use my laundry tub if I need to do that. I leave the door open just a crack and have never had a problem with mold or a musty smell. I love the size as I can fit my velvet slipcovers for my couch in there without a problem. I do think it's easier on my clothes and am happy with how clean they are. I got a Kenmore. I prefer to buy from Sears as I like how they treat their military employees, and want to support that.

Jen Kershner said...

Hey girly! How ARE you? I love the white look but I've never done it in my house. I think I would get bored with it. Maybe if I did it in just one room it would be fun! I love my LG front loader and matching dryer. Love, love, love them. I've had them for 2 or 3 years and love them as much as I did the day I brought them home. xoxo Jen

northern cottage said...

loving all your creamy goodness shown here!! Very lovely!

re: front loader - yes - love it - plus it give display/storage space on top

I see some mentinoed issues with water sitting/mold -- I've never had any issues with that I just leave the door & detergent little drawer open a touch between laundry days (which isn't all that often!)

Claudia said...

Love everything - creme is just beautiful, I think!

Uncanny Festoon said...

If I didn't like turquoise so much I could be a white girl...I adore those jars full of white long did it take to collect that many white buttons. I do love to stay in all white romms when we find ourselves at a B&B. I also think it is a perfect fit for a seaside or lake cottage.


sherri s. said...

I love the buttons...I have a real, ahem, "problem" with buttons...they're squirreled away everywhere! Yours look fab in the jars.