Friday, December 19, 2008

A beautiful day for a slide....

Here we are, people.
Ry AND Chan AND other cousins AND brothers AND sisters..
Shall we watch a little video?
alrighty then, feel free to scroll down at your own desire.

So much fun was had, we are ALL going back after work tomorrow. Even the Oldsters..yes, us adults...
Unfortunately for you, The Coastal Nest will NOT be taking her camera on her own sledding adventures. I will be holding on tight and screaming all the way time for hot shot photos or video. You know me, safe and saneeee..
You'll have to use your imaginations..

These little kids like to have a good time

Happy "concussion-free" Holidays




Suzy said...

Oh Lisa, you are SMART that you are sitting on your sled (not standing and snowboarding) and holding on! Playing it far as sledding goes anyway. Smartie pants.

Anonymous said...

Love what you have done with the blog. Very detailed and beatufiul.

Sarah said...


Judy said...

If I understand the weather channel correctly, you are in the misdst of receiving lots of snow. I loved seeing the children in the snow. I always like your header pictures...great job! Stay warm.

Linda Lou said...

I wish i lived where there is snow so I could sled again, last time I did it was in 5 years ago Lake Tahoe- bring on those bumps and bruises-have FUN!

Michelle said...

That looks like fun! You are so much cooler than my mom--I got yelled at for eating any snow, regardless of color.

Lisa said...

We just came in from getting bowls full of snow with the ice cream scoop. Its a treat to have a snow sundae..uh, with sugar cookie sprinkles and a little chocolate syrup on top..Hopefully they will remember their mama for fun things like that!!
Its going crazy with snow here! Theres not any rain or temp warm ups on the coast..yet!

Martha said...

Personally? I think the yellow stuff is the best.

It's just lemon-flavored, right?


Miles! :) said...

I loved the snow that day. Now its like ice. Gross!

well, ttyl. I might see ya later today cuz my house is boring, and I want to go to the grand heron. So i might ride my bike there! (: