Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow'd in..and out..

This is the kind of day that makes you tired and bored and lazy.
Its been snowing for days around here...At first I loved it, we don't get that much snow here. If we do, well, its the wet big sloppy flakes that only last a day, if that.
So, we decided to get the little peeps all bundled up and head for the hills...

Little children and big children alike were having fun.
Snow makes a girl look youthful, no?

The snow was really falling hard, it has been all day. Last we measured it was 6 inches in our back yard...
So, someone decided it was time to

do a little sidewalk clearing and scraping..
Nice work, don't you think?

Here's a little action from the mini-peeps.

forgive me, I was
lets see your house videos people..and all the snow!


Miles! :) said...

Beatiful as always. (: I love all the snow we are getting!

Everyone, stop on by my blog, click and read! (:

texasdaisey said...

Still hoping for snow here. None in the sky yet. Yours looks absolutely beautiful.

Mrs. G. said...

Nothing like a little snow to put roses in your cheeks.

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

That looks like so much fun! Yes, snow does make cheeks pink!

traci said...

it looks beautiful there. i like the snow, because it's december. i don't like it so much in january, february or march.

Michelle said...

I loved seeing the video of your beautiful house--and where you blog! And I just don't think Reagan can get any cuter.

Martha said...

That video was adorable!

I love your voice, Lees! So pretty!


Linda Lou said...

Love that pic of you and Mr. Villa - so adorable, sorry no snow pics here in So Cal, sunny and cold-Merry Merry Miss Lisa!

Linda Lou said...

What up with the Yugoslavian rat----I gotta tell my hubby about that - his mom is coming in tonight -she may know, we need some good luck-your house is so festive and beautiful, love the video, and Linda in San Diego has no snow either!

Suzy said...

Same as us. Snow snow snow. Lisa, your blue eyes are GORGEOUS! Cutie patootie! (and you have a nice personality too...which is way more important, eh?)