Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh, for heavens sakes...

This is my friend Marty...isn't she just gorgeous?
Look at this cute little family.
I Lurve this little Minna-SOoo-ta girl
(do you talk like that?)
anyway, my friend, Marty-licious (just look at her!)
She gave me some devastating scoop..
About my other gal pal (and her job sitch..) shhhh..oh, hell I'm sure she knows by NOW!!!
This is my friend Heathers house..

she works for a cute little magazine called

Cottage living..


Isn't her house A--dorable?
This is her mama, sitting here and her cute little doggie, watch out though--he's a nipper(hates the sweater, too itchy)..
Bye bye cottage living.
I'm insulted you didn't discuss this with your biggest fan, and totally DIS-SATISFIED!!
I sure hope Heather can find another job real quick like, after this huge renovation she did last winter, shes got bills to pay!!

Wonder what your gonna do about my left over subscription..send me
Wall Street Week?
pass me a tissue, will ya?


Barb said...

Yes, I do wonder what they'll do for us subscribers of Cottage Living. I hope they give us a choice...and not decide for us which magazines we'll be getting instead.

Timi said...

WHAT THE??? I feel like I don't know what the hell is going on? They gave Cottage Living the ax? I just renewed my subscription. Those dirty bastards!
I'm going to pout and stomp around the rest of the day!

PLO said...

What a complete and total bummer man. Go see Twilight, it will take you out of your depression. After you watch it, we can stalk Edward together!

Martha said...


You HORRIBLE woman!!! Photo poacher!! KNOW Heather Chadduck??? Dang. I love her style.

I know, sister. I've been looking at all of my back-issues. I took pages out of some of them and now I want to re-order them so I have a complete set again...


Jen Kershner said...

Oh my gosh! Where will it end? We're all gonna be to broke to leave the house and we won't even have anything decent to read!

Linda Lou said...

No way, don't tell me Cottage Living is out of here!! It is my FAVORITIE magazine, other than Coastal Living-we should all protest!!!