Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Im Itchin.......

Christmas is not very far away, my friends..
I am very excited to get out my lovely old and new, expensive and cheap, antique and beautifully handmade(children's) Christmas things.
I'm feeling it bad.. some cute little snowman Popsicle ornaments from my little loves.. I have had this ribbon for YEARS..I love it. My friendly windowsill..
my gi-normous candelabra, its a leaner..just like the Tower of Pisa. Villa stacks quarters around the perimeter underneath and we "make it work" It costs about $1.50s worth..and its one of my faves to decorate. Then theres the mantle.
oh the love.
I want the house to be adorned this year, I want to have special moments and lots of love.

We are not going out on the limb for gifts this year. Its not in the budget, but you know what. Mommy and Daddy are still going to make it a very special Christmas for the little Macs.

Maybe this is what we all need.
a little harking back to
The reason for the season.

But..Before all this gets up, we are going to have a killer Thanksgiving Day at my Sister Marys house.. Shes off all week, preparing.
for 30.

this is BVs favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.. No gifts to buy, no trees to decorate..
Just show up and

(my dad and the 2007 bird)
Happy Turkey Day, Ya ll!
(the following photos, courtesy of last years Thanksgiving at my house..)

The trouble makers..
The extended trouble makers..Gravy-licious, Mama style..

Coastal Nest


Susan said...

You are getting me into the spirit! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Cutzi said...

First of all, I am SO itching. I want some new decorations though - more vintagy - ya know.

Second of all, I love that you everybody's dressed up for Thanksgiving in your pictures. That's how it should be. I always dress up, I dress my kids up - but for some reason the rest of my family has gotten out of the habit. Just makes it all feel more special to dress up, I think.

Sarah said...

Beautiful decor. as always! We are almost all decked out. I have NO patience...none. Happy Thanksgiving to all the nesters, hope you have a wonderful feast!

Michelle said...

Lisa, your house is so gorgeous! I'm itching to dig my decorations out, too, and I'm with Cutzi on wanting some new-to-me vintage decorations. Time to hit the thrift stores!

I saw your comment on Martha's blog, and can I just say that I am so happy you picked the same colors as me?! I feel very validated. 'Cuz I picked the same as the woman with the skillz.

Timi said...

I drug the christmas tree in to the living room the other day but haven't done anything with it. I'm puttin on some Christmas music and I'm going to get busy!
You have gotten me off my butt and in the spirit.
Love the pictures of your mom making gravy. They just made me laugh.
Thank you for YET ANOTHER fantastic post

lc oneill said...

Can you let Mary know that might be 31 for dinner :o)
Have fun and eat lots. How about pics in front of the family tree??
Love ya,

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hey there girlio! YOU have me itching now...jeeeeese..I am trying to hold off till the day after..I have Thanksgiving here..sooo. BUT I don't think my guests would mine a few roving bottle brush trees making their debut. Happppppppppy Thanksgiving Toots. cherry

Martha said...

SIGH....How pretty is your house?? Gorgeous!

I hope you have the best Turkey day EVAH!

We are in the same boat for the ol' Christmas budget, sister. I think we're just going to have to DO more with the Noodle...not GIVE more.

Big Wet Kiss from Marty

Suzy said...

Lisa, please come visit me and decorate my house for Christmas! Yours is so beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving! Eat some treats for me....

Linda Lou said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family Lisa---LOVE THE HEADER PHOTO-I am getting in the mood to decorate too.

PLO said...

WHAT? No CRAB LEGS for Thanksgiving? I will think of you while I am drinking my Bacardi and Diet's. LOVE, KISSES, and MASHED POTATOES! Your favorite Turkey.

Penny said...

Beautiful Christmas decorations!! I am SO anxious to put out my Christmas things. When all the crazy shoppers are fighting crowds Friday, I think I will be home trimming our tree!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Judy said...

Everything about your blog screams cozy, inviting, festive, and curling up on the sofa with a hot cup of coffee. The new header photo you chose is the perfect one for your blog. I truly do enjoy my visits. Happy Thanksgiving!

Traceytreasure said...

Happy Day Lisa!
I'm getting into the spirit....finally!!

Hugs and love, T

traci said...

i was itching, but now i'm not, because my stuff is out. i couldn't help it. have a wonderful thanksgiving!!

Cote de Texas said...

hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

thanks so much for your comment - much appreciated!