Friday, November 21, 2008

Sometimes a girl can get lucky.....

A True and honest love.
Here we are, 18 years after we tied the proverbial knot.

We have grown together, quite a bit, to say the least.

I can honestly say, there is no better man for me on God's green earth.

{thank you God!!!}


Steve would love to tell you about his first recollection of his beloved wife. It goes something like this..Steve, go ahead...

"Lisa's family was in the neighborhood, visiting, remember how parents would drag you around to other kids houses you didn't know, they would go in the house and make you play outside while they visited?It was the 70's.. Well, lots of Lisa's family lived in my hood, so..a whole roving band of 3rd to 8th graders minus the visiting parents, made the best of a fun summer evening and got together for a wild game of Red Rover.."

Honey, your leaving out the part..go on..


"That's when I noticed her"


"yes, honey, you.."


"you and your big head...."

..can you believe it? Me and my big head!!! There, he said it!

thanks honey, your excused.

" I still love you and that big melon or yours, babe, more than life!!"

Funny thing is, I totally remember that game of Red Rover myself. Its the big head full of odd memories....


Flash forward, oh.. lets say to the mid to early eighties..Steve is all about Track and Field, yes, hes good. Runner, long distance..miles and miles that guy would RUN..holy cow, this is the last thing to do on my list.Run, give me a break. Id see him around, think he was a cute, kinda like able guy, he was dating another girl in my class. We graduated, and guess what, he decides to go into the

Marine Corps..Ta-ta Mr Villa..He's off to see the world.


The evening I got re-acquainted with my beloved, was at a local watering hole in this town. Lordy, people would go there, and you know...get smashed, make fools of themselves, dance, fall down, etc. It was an ugly place. Ugly-and fun!! {no, I never fell down, people, came close a couple of times-though, trust me} I was there with my local female posse, and then I spotted him, in his red polo shirt, sitting there. My cousin, Missy was with me (always). She and Steve grew up together a mere block away from each other, so of course, she stumbles on over to his table to check out his fresh high and tight hair cut, squeeze his awesome guns and pitch him a little shit about life.. Me, I was happy to follow along.

"Hi!" I say..trying to be calm and suave about that cute smile and those beautiful eyes.

How YOU doin, Lisa (he says)-so, totally just like Joey from friends...

We all sat there and chitter chatted for almost the whole rest of the evening. Me, trying to make great eye contact, you know, without being TOO obvious.

Come to find out, his sisters getting married the next weekend, guess what?! I was invited , in a round about way, to that wedding, and sure as heck..This chick was going. So, we had great times, talking about the old times, whose been up to what, and all that stuff you hear in songs written by John Mellencamp.


(or, the hook up)

We decided at the wedding that we were going to get together and go do a little bowling before he left to go back east, for his final duties in the Marine Corps. It was hysterical, we had the best time, it was Steve and I--alone, we were never alone, there were always at least 5 of us together at any given time{the posse}..We bowled and talked, and talked and bowled, drank quite a few beers, ordered some french fries and cracked up about how our lives kind of were on the same path to nowhere ville and what we planned to do about it. {hm mm, what was the plan?}

That night after he dropped me off, yes, at my parents (I lived in the apartment above their garage) I went in directly to talk to my mom, who, was so totally waiting up for me.
"MOM, I say, throwing open the old yellow door..."

"I'm going to marry that man!"

Sure as heck...In less than a year, I was Mrs Bob Villa... be continued, someday...

Happiest of anniversaries, my love..
Its me for you, and you for me.
I love you, and you love me!
We are such a perfect family!!!


WSU Laura said...

AWWW so sweet! Happy Anniversary!

Martha said...

That is a great story, Lisa!

But I want MORE! Like - did he go back East? Did you go with him?

More! More!!

Oh! And a VERY happy anniversary to the both of you :)

love to you both!

PLO said...

Happy Anniversary to two of the hottest peeps I know. I will be over at 8 to take you two out to dinner, you don't mind that I but in on you anniversary do you? I didn't think so. Where are we going? Out for crab legs I presume. Enjoy BV and Melonhead!

Timi said...

Happy Anniversary!
Great story. I love small town romance stories like that. Where everyone knows everyone somehow.
You have the best love stories! :-)

Suzy said...

Wow, you made it seem like I was right there! I love your attention to details. Happy Anniversary to you guys. It's very refreshing to hear good stories like that! When you described him as a runner when he was younger, I totally pictured Bleeker from Juno. That, from me, is a compliment. Bleeker was gold. My favourite movie of all time.

Michelle said...

I can't believe you're leaving us in suspense like that! That is a great story. I can't wait to hear the rest, but until then, have a very happy anniversary!

Linda Lou said...


Traceytreasure said...

Oh my gosh, your story is so much better than ours. Way more romantic too!!

We're going on 18 years next year! I celebrate our first date anniversary because we've been together ever since our first date!

You both made some really cute kids too!!
Happy Anniversary you two!!


Sarah said...

Awww! Happy Anniversary to BV and Leeeesa!!! Loved reading this!

debra said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Mrs. G. said...

As a woman with a freakishly large head (hats NEVER fit, not even XL baseball caps), this is possibly the most romantic story ever.

A man who likes big headed women is alright in my book.

traci said...

what a precious post. happy anniversary - a little late, sorry.