Monday, October 27, 2008

I love Bossy..I dont love...being broke!!

Hello..Here I am, talking about debt, without REALLY talking about it.
get the picture??? Anyhoo, my "friend" Bossy over there at (
shes got this new gig going about everyone, you know..~~gettin reeeeel~~
I hate it. Real..yuck..Anyhoooooo. Heres what me and the mailman had for dinner Friday night.
We were gettin real with a can of chili- Nallys 10 for $10 (oh, so chic and Cheep!!)
then a box of that jiffy corn bread, .88 a box.
and we splurged, 2 budweisers, left over from the cooler this summer.
Added some onion, yes bossy..also left over from possibly the Nixon administration, a bit of cheese-sans the hair growing on it..(((MOLD)))
It was worth it, I got 10 minutes of uninterruped talk with my hubby, because the cardboard tonys pizzas (2fer$5) were in the oven for the children, who were playing nicely in the other room...Thank you kids..
Who knew poverty could be sooo romantic..
go see boss, join in the fun!!
We are all in this together--people.
oh, except for Barney Frank and the likes..


BOSSY said...

Mmmmm, beer. Sorry, were you saying something?

debra said...

Too funny. Well, I guess the subject isn't really funny but you always make things fun. I love that Jiffy cornbread mix. :)

Mrs. G. said...

A romantic dinner for two. Niiice.

traci said...

chili and beer. perfect fall meal. i have been trying to use up some of the food we already have in the house to save some $ right now. it's amazing how much i buy at the store each week, when i already have tons in the pantry. i am on my second week of lower grocery bill and scrounging through the freezer and pantry. it's actually kind of fun.

PLO said...

I keep having a hard time clicking on your it your layout? Is it my hallucinations? Our gourmet choice has been the .29 boxes of mac and cheese, it is delightful....