Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bedecked for Halloween, a walk around the house, **THE CROWS** Old glory {and} FREE Hydrangeas

We have had SOOOOOme weekend..
The flu, to be exact
go into
it was
very ugly..sick sick sick..4 out of 5 of us.
THANK GOODNESS we are better
nuff said..
onward, shall we??

Now that we are healed we bedecked and bedazzled the ol Coastal Nest in all her
Halloween Glory..actually, its a half assed kind of job this year. I know, I know
SLACKER MOM..I just dont have the Halloween spirit this year.
Here we go.

Cute drawing from a certain someone...

While I was outside in the gorgeous Fall afternoon that was Sunday..I decided to show off my vintage paper skeletons hanging on my front windows..cute eh??
All old, all garage sale all $1 each. LOVE THEM..
Then theres the yard, in all her colorful glory. Im glad BobVillas got the day off of being mailman on Tuesday, so he can don the cape of super yardman...The leaves, people..they are a fallin.Gorgeous though..The walk with scary ghost..Front yard and these CROWS that have been menacing me for a few days now. They come and eat in my yard like its the finest restaurant in town. It kind of makes me feel a little uneasy, these fellas..Sometimes theres 100, swear. CAW CAW..even sometimes a little meow, these crows, why do they love me so?? honestly a bird that meows??Wonderful photo of our Flag flying in the crisp Fall breeze. A reminder of what this country is all about..NOTHING makes me prouder than to see this fly in my yard.
Now this, here is something that this very strange man "Cisco Morris" the gardener on our local (Seattle) tv station says we can do..BV and I decided.."what the hell" A free hydrangea..we will try it. Here you see the handsome and handy BV standing by a very huge and overgrown hydrangea bush in our yard. Hi Bob!
So, Cisco says..cut a stem of the hydrangea off at the woody part.trim all the little new buds off.. then poke the woody stem down into the ground passed where you cut the little buds off.

Then there you he says..Walk away, leave the hydrangeas stems till the spring..

I know, they seem a little scared and lonely..
Ill come and visit little starter bushes, I promise!

try it! Cisco will love ya for it.

and who wouldnt like a free hydrangea??



Timi said...

I didn't even put out a mum or a pumpkin this year. Some how I didn't get motivated to make it happen this year.
Love the Hydrangeas! You know if I lived closer I would be robbin those from you. Drying them to put in my two big vintage pottery crocks that have nothing but dead bugs in them.
Beautiful photos! Glad your feeling better. That flu wasn't that fun, been there done that.

Mrs. G. said...

Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. I'm going to give Cisco's tip a he's an interesting bird, eh?

Hedy King said...

Your pix of the flag through the Japanese maple was heart-stopping...beautiful. Thanks

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

The fall leaves are SO gorgeous. We just don't see colors like that over here. We do have some great hydrangeas though...they are my favorite!

Michelle said...

The Jack-o-lantern drawing is adorable! And I'm so jealous of your vintage paper skeletons--a very impressive garage sale find.

PLO said...

I am coming there to steal your skeletons. I had one of those given to me by my old neighbor...and I cannot find him. I am also coming there to steal your hydrangeas. I will have to try that next year. I am also coming there to steal your BV. You can keep your crows.

David said...

Lovely autumn colors.
I'm thinking you may have a mixed flock of starlings and a catbird or two. The ca birds do make a cat sound. They tend to wander in big flocks...all heads down cleaning the lawn.

Martha said...

Me me!!! I want a free Hydrangea!!

Your yard is GORGEOUS, lees!