Monday, October 27, 2008

One year ago this week...oyyyyyy.

Hard to believe that these before photos were taken a year ago this week.
I love to look at the progress. I cannot believe how I am almost standing in the same exact spot!
Kitchen area prior..
Kitchen area now..

The place we dine..prior

The place we dine (and hang) now..

Toward the back..prior..

And now.

I havent been out to my beach in almost a month. I am completely lonely and desperate for that little cottage. I am sure it misses us just as much as we would love to be there with her! Dont worry though. I left the radio on so she would have something to listen to.
Shes ready for rental..wanna come out? The weathers been grand here on the coast.
let me know~~


Timi said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! What a fantastic job.
I do need your help decorating!

Do you think if BV rubbed The Hubs bald head, some of that BV stuff would transfer over to him. He's got all the tools just no idea where to start. He is dying to do the downstairs but we need it done in THIS LIFE TIME! I know I know I know that's not what a good supportive wife says. Sorry...........I need the shit done!

Kat said...

WOW! Now thats a remodel. You did a great job. The cottage is charming.

ROXY said...

OMG, That is one heck of a job well done!!! I love the kitchen!! thanks for sharing:)

PLO said...

I am on my way. It is amazing! Does it come with a clamming guide? How are Fred's cousins?

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Time flies when you're having fun, right?

PLO said...

You are a sick, sick woman...and I love you. Do I have to mow it? Isn't there a "landscaper" to do it? Geesh. I can't see that far.

Traceytreasure said...

I know you wouldn't lie to me so I'm just going to say that if someone else showed me the before and after pictures of the cottage, I wouldn't believe that it was the same place. You performed some miracles! I hope the people you find to rent her treat her nicely!!


Sarah said...

I so wish we could come out and rent that beauty, but alas, airfare for five would kill us.

traci said...

it's just beautiful. i would love to come out. i feel the same way about our cabin, it's been a month since i've been there and it's killing me. i love the skinny fridge.

Linda Lou said...

You should be sooo proud Miss Lisa of your amazing accomplishment. The cottage looks so cute and warm and I would be there in a second if I could. Good work.

Maya said...

Amazing transformation. Looking at all the before pictures of my own remodeled home makes it somewhat surreal now that I'm living in the finished house. It's been a year (and some) for us too.

Martha said...


When I come out that way next, I'm totally renting it for the weekend and you and the PNWster bloggers are having a girls' weekend :)