Thursday, October 16, 2008

The "I know hes out there" Almighty razor clam pt 2

SOMEONE didnt want to go to his beach in the cold dark rainy hold the lantern and be one with the clam hole.
So we didnt go.
we will be going tomorrow. The weather promises to be better, and so did he.
I will keep you posted.
all the details of the clam dig...coming up next time ONNNNNN
Coastal Nest!!!
keepin it REAL, REEEAAAAL light, my friends...


Timi said...

I don't blame him! Been there, I hated that job. The Hubs has never dug for clams and I know it's something he should experience but I just can't muster up the want to suggest we go do it.
Digging clams is really an experience.
The weather is suppose to be nice this weekend. Hopefully you will have some luck and get lots so you can make all kinds of nummy things.

Kat said...

Oh I know exactly how he feels. Thats a precious face Lisa. lol!
Glad you didnt make him be one with the clam hole.