Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The almighty Razor Clam....

Here we are--last year. The razor clam tides were in the midst of gorgeous weather, so we got some great photos along with some awesome clams.
Its a fun sport, believe it or not. Who would ever think that if you dig down into the cold wet sand that there would be something to actually eat under there.
Quite a tasty bi-valve little critter.

Here's one! Freshly that ultimate male..


guess what? Ill be taking my camera along with us, so you can get the FULL effect..

because, I know you all are sooooo curious about how you dig a razor clam, or how you cook a razor clam..or most to CLEAN a razor clam-yuck.

So, stay tuned reader..This will all be coming down by the weekend.

Hope everyone is well and happy. Sarah, I hope everything is going alright.

Martha, I still have not received the photos

Mrs. J, Timi, and Martha.. Can you really believe how long its taking me?

looser, eh???

don't forget to watch the last debate tonight.

I am praying for Mr McCain to take Mr Obama to task on his questionable background, his reverend, his FRIENDS and his association with the signing up of hundreds of thousands of illegal voter registrations from ACORN--I'm sure we will hear flippant remarks and no real answers. (nothing quite like a potential president funneling money to an organization that clearly is tied up in thousands of fraudulent voter registrations)

what say you?

how do you feel about ACORN???

oh, and razor clams.


Traceytreasure said...

Honestly, I don't know much about either one. On Saturday a customer was telling me about Acorn. She's reading Obama's books. I am learning a lot. I've never had a Razor Clam or seen one. Thanks for the pictures. Now, at least, I know what one looks like!! Hope you are having a great week!

Have you talked to Paula? Check out her post if you haven't already!!


debra said...

Hi-Not familiar w/ the razor clam but I love all things to do with the sea. :)

I don't know a ton about ACORN but I have looked at their website. They pretty much deny much regarding Obama except that they are endorsing him (hmmm). ACORN claims to be 'victims' of the voter registration mess as they hired 13,000 people to conduct the registration and there were some bad apples (or acorns!) in the group. Way to take responsiblity for things. I sure hope McCain does take Obama to task for all of this. It's time for McCain to stand up and be a leader. I mean, Obama is the one that wants to give health care to illegal immigrants. I guess that's the next thing after getting registered to vote, right?

Is that more than you wanted?? :)

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Yummmmmmmmm love clams. cherry:)

Laurie Anne said...

Some of my favorite childhood memories include diggin' those bad boys. We would go to the Kalaeloche Lodge armed with little shovels and clam guns. It was so much fun. It is something I would love to do with my kidlets.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this blog while looking up the website for the Grand Heron. Just wanted to say that it may not be a good idea to throw your political views out there like this, simply supporting your candidate is one thing, but bashing the candidate whom I am voting for is another. In this economy, do you really think it is a wise idea to alienate your customers like this? Do you really think all of your store's customers feel exactly the same as you do? Your whole negative attitude leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I doubt my mother and I will be patronizing your store from now on. If you think Obama is a liar, then surely you think I'm an idiot for believing these "lies". So, this "idiot" will take her money elsewhere. I am also a small business owner, and while I strongly support Obama I do not spew negative comments about his opponent, or those who choose to support him.

Mrs. Jones said...

I've never heard of razor clams. I don't like eating clams, but it sure looks like fun finding them!

And you don't really want to know what I think about the other thing, do you? Cuz you know I love Obama. But since we're friends, we can agree to disagree, right?

Ok, and I'm dying laughing, because aren't you married to a postman?

Love ya!!


Mrs. Jones said...

And why do people get so angry about politics and then sign "anonymous"?


Lisa said...

Oh, Mrs J.. You know I just love your cute little self so much!!
I know, I know..snail mail.. And thanks for the love, btw..your a good person, you know..even if.. (ha ha)

Ms Anon, At first, I was totally mortified by your comment, it made me feel horrible that I could have possibly hurt the feelings and made the blood boil of one of my great customers from the big city. OR hurt my beautiful mother in any way. I wanted to immediately delete, delete, delete.
BUT THEN....I got a little irritated by your comment.
Im not "spewing" as you so eloquently called my writing. This is my blog, not the shops, I post the photos of the shop for my FRIENDS to check out all over the country. I, I mean WE are small business, Mr. Obama will clearly tax the heck out of us,Just like Joe the plumber. I feel strongly about my vote, and about this here election. I am sorry your so offended. As you can tell by the other friends that come here, we can all agree to disagree.

Dont be so Anonymous and angry-YOURSELF!! BREATHE, it will all be over soon enough. Thank goodness!
Free speech is a wonderful thing, and this blog is mine and mine alone. Can you dig it? Dont be such a hater, sister.

coastal nest

DJ Norton said...

And I thought it was us Republicans who are supposed to be mean-spirited - Anonymous seems a little defensive about her support of Obama as I find most of them are because there is still this little nagging doubt in their minds that he may not be all he and the national media promote.

Sarah said...

Leeeeesa! I am ok :) My home computer just died, thats all. I do have to say, all this clam talk is making me feel icky! Damn all day queasies!



PLO said...

What I wouldn't give to be there to dig some clams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!