Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Before and after- punkin pies room....

Here we are..BEFORE, girls..
this nice lady is the gal we purchased our home from.
she raised 4 children in this house.
this is to be Reas room..
see that closet built in.front.of.the.closet.
then there is more boarder, this time in blue. Adore the boarder folks..
These fluffy valances were stuffed with tissue paper.

Although, I asked if I could purchase this beautiful rosewood bed from the estate.

NO. twas not to be.

thats alright!

onward..shall we go?

The wonderful and uber talented husband, you know as


he rapidly tore out the

and voila!! A place for a dresser. How could that be?

and more room to boot.

The floors under the

hello..gorgeous. swept and mopped them.

easy peasy. "An old house is made of good solid construction materials that will last a lifetime if properly taken care of"..BOB--let me have my keyboard back!

He is such a know it all.

The small room is perfect for this smallish person who resides here, but mostly in our bed at night. uh...

More..things. Grama bought her that adorable tea set. Ive had most of the things in there besides that since waay before she was born. Fits perfect now, dosent it?

And there you have it.

Before and after a little girls bedroom

a la

coastal nest




Kat said...

Lisa! Now thats a transformation! WOW! I adore before and after pictures. I would have been whooping it up if I found wood floors that gorgeous! BV worked miracles removing that closet. Its such a happy pretty room now.
Maybe you and BV should move in here and let cutie pie have the Master. lol!
Great job!!!

JoAnne said...

The room is beautiful. The bed is so perfect. I have to say - a closet in front of a closet is a new one for me. LOL

Melissa said...

That's a job well done. Beautiful!


Cutzi said...

Darling! And can I get the name of the yellow you have on the walls? ;-) You know me, forever looking for paint colors.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous! I love that dresser and the vintage prints--where did you find the maps? You and BV turned a boring room into something really special. I was going to inquire about the yellow paint, and I see Cutzi has beat me to it. So will you reveal your designer secret?

Timi said...

Love it! What a difference. Thank you for sharing. That's fun


Wow how pretty... Toni

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Gorgeous! Love that little cabinet. We have the same doggy. I'd love to hear how you go about keeping your hardwood clean. Mine seem like such a challenge and Sweet Hubby wants to hardwood the entire downstairs now!

Linda Lou said...

Your daughter's room is adorable, I used to have a bed like that in my first apt. in San Diego, wish I would have kept it for my little girls!! Bob Villa is quite talented!!

Liz said...

I'm jumping up and down! This room is fantastic... and the before pictures cracked me up. Tissue paper in the vallance? That's a new one. :)

debra said...

Beautiful room. I am off to clean my daughter's pigsty. It never looks that good. But it could..
Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

Michele said...

BEAUTIFUL room! It's adorable and perfect. GREAT job. I could move right in....although I need a bigger teapot as I really, REALLY like my tea!

What was it with tissue stuffed valences? It's weird! I ran into that once, long ago, and I still think it's weird.

annechovie said...

Fabulous re-do! Thanks for your comment on my blog - so glad you came by and I am happy that I got to visit you - I'll be back! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah said...


Where did you get that adorable lampshade???? I love the bed too, if she doesn't want to sleep in it, you could ship 'er to Minneapolis!!!!

You are such a fantastic decorator, and that BV, he knows a thing or two!!

Mrs. Jones said...

Carpet on top of carpet?!! Closet in front of closet?!! Did it have wood paneling over wood paneling, too? How about vinyl floor over vinyl floor?

And don't even get me started on why you would put 2 layers of carpet over a beautiful floor.

It looks great now!


Mrs. Jones said...

I just noticed the title. My grandma used to call me punkin pie. I miss that!!


Mrs. G. said...

It looks lovely. The little tea set is precious.

Traceytreasure said...

I want that bed!!
What a beautiful room!! Great job!!


Martha said...


That transformation is amazing, Lisa.

You're the ROCKINEST!


Lisa @ Take90West said...

that is beautiful! a perfect little girls the bed!

Barb said...

Love this room. Especially love those maps on the wall.