Monday, September 15, 2008

Beach cottage fence harvesting, and a dead sealion..

You really wouldn't believe the weekend we had here at the beach.
The air.. crisp and clear, the wind..nonexistant..the temperature, nice.. in the mid 70s possibly higher..we need to get a thermometer out there. Really.
It was gorgeous. So, bright and early on Sunday, we headed out on the traditional family fun loving beach walk. This is what we found..Waves were crisp and clear- and white. Sometimes its not that way, you know.. The Washington Coast is notorious for the "Brown Wave" lots of gunk, doesn't make for such a pretty picture, not today. Only gorgeous "Hollywood" type waves.The sky, blue as the bluest crayon in the box, along with gorgeous green beach grass. Someone would think Lisa might be a photography buff or something..
Beach cottage fence harvesting.. you will have to wait and see. Hi, my sweet little children!
oh my gosh
Little smarty pants, all of them.. Maybe a petrified dead sea lion, kinda looks like a creature of the sea, but for sure-- no dead sea lion. Thank goodness.

My parents came out for a BV bbq dinner on Sunday night, fun.. Great weekend at the Coastal Nest..
What did you do?


Timi said...

That too me looks like the PERFECT weekend! You know what I love most about your photos???? I have been there. Your phots bring back the best memories. It's almost like being there for me. I know that sounds corny but I really loved our trip to Pacific Beach this summer and I love seeing your photos. It just makes me want to go back.
Thank you

Hedy King said...

The only time I visited the Northwest coast, it was just like your weekend. I refuse to believe it is ever not perfect there. Thanks for the pix, esp. the "sealion".

Susan said...

Beautiful pictures! Wish I was there. I'm so glad it wasn't really a sea lion!

Sarah said...

I love those photos! The colors are Amazing!

Kat said...

It was a beautiful weekend here for sure! Great pictures and those waves definitely look ready for their close up. Very glad it wasnt a Sea Lion...eeeewww!

I spent alot of time in cities this weekend. Tacoma with my BIL to check out granite slabs for his kitchen at an auction house. Seattle yesterday for Coffee Fest at the convention center. Bellevue to visit Pottery Barn. Your weekend looks like alot more fun than mine!!!

Traceytreasure said...

Worked on Saturday. Caught up on laundry on Sunday. Whooo hoooo!

Those waves look just like the waves in Pacifica, CA.
Great pictures and lovely, funny kids!!

Have you heard from Paula? Just wondering!

Sarah said...

Lovin the new header and look!

Linda Lou said...

Wow, the beach is so wide up there in Washington, we have teeny tiny beaches here-can't wait to visit your beautiful state next summer, Went to the movies this weekend with my daughters, hubby spent time on his boat, we joined him Friday night!!