Tuesday, September 9, 2008

we have a winner..winner..WINNER {or3}

HEY..you. yeeeeesss---you there. MARTY..when you comin over?

you can collect your prize in person.. xoxo-BV

excuse me while I but in..get to work, mailman..sheesh!! he's kidding martster..although that sweaty shirt WOULD make a great giveaway..maybe even a government issue official usps black ink pen, perhaps?? EEEWWW..

Ummmm, Mrs J..your not so lucky.. But you my dear, well. you get some coastal frolicking things, directly from my beloved Pacific beach. Quite possibly, not this large funny manhead we found and drug home one morning. Hes a great outdoor seat..and it kinda looks like BobV, although bobs nose isnt quite that flat.
Then theres Timi, well--at least I think this is her and her crowd..she kept walking by my house quite a few times a day, she was staying at the resort across the street in her Mobile Estate, with her hubby and peeps. Although she thought her mission was covert..Uh, I saw her and her wenches coming a mile away. Why didnt y'all stop in and say "ayyyee.."? Im almost positive its her in the middle, those purple glasses give it away every time.

Thanks to all who par-took in the old blog giveaway.


Mrs J..

and Timi the wench..

email me your addresses.

and dont get tooooo excited.

Thanks for being my friendly friends..


Timi said...

THAT IS ME! It's also WSU Laura on the left! We tried to be sneaky. We just grabbed that other person on the right from The Falcon Next, she was ordering a shake. We needed a third person so we wouldn't stand out.
Next time we are getting better camo!
Thank you so much. I'm excited!

Martha said...

Okay, that Timi is HILARIOUS!!! Are you sure you two aren't related???

Anyway....**throwing kisses** I'd like to thank, all of my people. Without whom I wouldn't be the blog reader I am today :)

Tell Bob V., "big wink" for me :)

Love ya!

Sarah said...

Congrats to the winners!

Mrs. Jones said...

Wooohoooooooooo! I can't wait. Oh, and that USPS pen sounds good, too.

Love ya!