Monday, August 25, 2008

When a girl discovers she might need to hold her breath..{and bite her lip}

A certain girl I know, shes- well, kinda WORRIED..
shes worried that her little boy isnt getting paired with the right kindergarten teacher. She didnt sleep very well last night, in fact she told me she was up at 3:30 just because she had a little knot in the pit of her stomach.See,her precious boy means the world to her, just as her other children do. She loves to take care of business for all concerned when it comes to "creating the perfect life" for her children. Not that the perfect life means izod shirts with the collar tipped up, perfect 501 button fly jeans and penny loafers (with the pennies) no, not that kind. AT ALL
I want (I mean she) She wants her child to have the perfect Kindergarten experience that she had, with the whole giant papermache giraffe and all. (She loves you Ms Mezera!)
She wants her child to have a pretty sweet loving Miss Honey teacher. You know, from Matilda..Not that she wants Miss Honey to take her son away and make him her own..But still Miss Honey would be grand..Shes worried he might have the Trunchbull.(ssending ssshivers down her ssspine) Now she dosent know the Trunchbull, really at all..she just knows what shes "heard"
What do you think of this girls problems? Should I tell her to hold her breath and bite her lip--just see how it goes?
Ill let her know what great advice my dear readers give her.
heaven help this poor girl..Shes beside herself with anticipation.


Denise said...

Watch and wait is my advice!! My oldest daughter (who just started her Jr. year of high school today!) got a teacher in 5th grade that I dreaded, even though I didn't know her I had "heard" she was very mean, which is not what my daughter needed at the time. She was the most fantastic teacher and 1 of the teachers my daughter remebers most fondly. This taught me to trust God and I never forget that everything happens for a reason!!!!

Anonymous said...

Speak up! You are you child's parent and advocate, and know your child better than anyone. If you have misgivings, there must be a reason. There are times to bite your lip, but not when it somes to your children. No one tells you how hard it is to be a Mom! Good Luck. Penny

WSU Laura said...

That is a hard one, if you know this teacher yourself and know it won't be a good fit, then by all means speak up. If it is all heresay, then wait and see. I do not envy you at all. Good luck with it all and I wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my blog.

debra said...

I know how this girl feels. I would watch and wait to see how it goes. He may do better than you think with the teacher. If everything you have heard about this teacher is true you will know soon but it might just be someone's opinion and it may not match yours. I would give the the teacher a chance. Good luck - I know it will be tough. Keep us posted on what happens.

Linda Lou said...

I have had to fight the school system since my younger daughter entered 1st grade - she is in special ed - fight for what you think is right for your son, request a different teacher-if you can't sleep at night, you gotta say something-good luck!!

sarah said...

hmmm this is a tough one, but I'd say watch and wait too, if there is one thing I've learnt since my 13yr old went to school all those years ago is that things don't turn out as you think they might as far as teaching is concerned, the tough ones are often like that because that's how they get a good class to work together and in turn your child learns so much every day...another thing I've learnt is to 'bank up' the going-in to see the teacher thing and not be one of the ones who is constantly constantly in to the teacher about every little episode, when I do go in, I am taken seriously and things I'm concerned about are acted often over the years with my 3 I've come across mothers who make the teachers life a misery, disecting every single thing every single day

i truly believe that they have to make their way in the big world from day one and a tough teacher might be a great start

saying that tho if it is not right once you've waited, get right on in and fight

try not to worry, it'll work out fine


Lisa said...

I knew all you girls would have the great advice Id be looking for..Denise and Penny..thanks for chimming in!!
I will keep you all posted, promise!

here at my good ol blog
coastal nest

Sarah said...


Being a teacher, my advice is watch and wait. Like others have said - you som may do wonderfully with the trenchbull. All children are different, and react/bond differently with teachers.

If he gets there and it doesnt work - go to her (the trencbull... maybe a him??) and he/she doesnt listen- go to the principal.

Just my 2 cents.

Love to the coastal nesters,


Laurie Anne said...

Tell your friend to hang in there. Everything will work out just fine. The important thing to remember is that the relationship is between the kiddo and the teacher. Kindergarten is such a magical year that there will sure to be lots of special memories no matter who the teacher is. (Of course, I'm typing this as I hold my breath over who Sam will have for Kindergarten as well. I guess we are in this together.)
Just like other posters have said we have gotten the "awful" teachers and they turned out to be the most wonderful teachers ever. In fact, when I was teaching I taught with some of "those" teachers. Let me just say, when HS kids would come back and visit who do you think they beelined to?? Yup, those teachers. Kids are able to see their teachers with fresh, rose colored glasses that we as adults seem to have lost. Your baby will be fine and so will you :0)

Timi said...

Of course me being the one with no kids, your "friend" should by all means TOTALLY listen to me!
I say take her a fancy mocha at least once a week, make sure you send a little bunch of flowers for her desk once a month, maybe leave a little cookie now and then and .........well suck up!
Then if she turns out to be a little cranky she has to be nice to your "friends" child becuase she dosen't want the nice to stop. ;-) She's cranky nobody does nice things for her.
If she turns out to be just got a new BBF!
No kids, still wondering why kids have to wear helmets to ride bikes

traci said...

this is a tough one. you know you son best and there are just sometimes when you have to step in for his benefit. he's too young to do it himself. my daughter (who just started college) loved school and nothing really bothered her - she always adjusted quickly - i never unrequested a certain teacher. my son was a whole other story, he didn't like school as much, so i wanted to make sure he had wonderful, nurtering teachers (especially in the first few years) that made him want to go to school. it worked. so go ahead and speak up. good luck!!

Michelle said...

Oh no! Not the Trunchbull! Matilda is among my absolute favorite childhood books, and I've read it at least ten times.

Speaking from the perspective of a recent student, I know that horror stories I've heard about teachers/professors usually aren't anywhere near my experience. The teachers I've heard are mean or extremely strict end up being firm but reasonable. And often I've learned the most from those teachers. If "your friend" is concerned about the teacher having a harsh personality, perhaps "she" could make an appointment to speak to the teacher before the school year begins? You--I mean "she"--could go in to talk about concerns with your--I mean"her"--son's shyness/dietary needs/preference for only using green crayons (or inserts some other plausible reason) and get a true gauge of the teacher's personality.

My thoughts are with you, Lisa--as you support "your friend", that is.