Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My FAVE mag..they know me soooo well

Cottage living and I, well, let this be said..I am in absolute love with this mag.

They know me soooo well. We were all packed up for the coastal nest this weekend.Good old hubby (BV) goes and gets the mail out of the basket we have set up in the front closet to catch all of the treasure the mail provides. --I love all that junk mail my man brings me.

( I hope you appreciate it too, you know it keeps a roof over our heads!!:)--

Anyhoo..he brings the mail to me with this glorious issue on the bottom of said stack.


Once we got situated in the car for our little 25 minute drive to the sand, I opened up this beautiful rag and found the most lovely house I have seen in a long time!

I squeeled with delight. If you havent gotten your cottage living yet, its coming..this house is AWESOME! If you have gotten your mag, what did you think of this home???

I LOVED it..but I love black and white anything..

thoughts please..
ps..thanks for yesterdays advice, girls..your goooooood, reeeeeeal good!


Sarah said...

Thank you so much for visiting today and for your precious comment. Your thoughts and prayers are so much appreciated. Blessings.

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Well, mine is sitting on the coffee table waiting for me. I guess you know where I'm headed.

PLO said...

All I ever get in my mailbox is crap. I don't even have a hot sexy mailman like you do. WHy do some girls have all the luck. Thank you for appreciating the spread in Cottage Living of my house, I didn't want to tell you it was mine because I am so modest. Send crab legs.

Laurie Anne said...

I have every issue :0)

Melissa said...


I get this magazine, too. I have from the start.

I saw that same photo spread, and said to myself that I need to paint an entire wall with blackboard paint. Love it!!!!

My husband did not like the idea so much.

Great magazine.


Sarah said...

PLO! YOU CRACK ME UP! Arent you glad she is back Lisa?? Need that mag. Now.

Mrs. G. said...

I love this mag too. Even though I'm not a decorator, I just inject myself onto the pages and dream. The December issue is my fave.

Martha said...

I have every issue, too. Except this one....WHERE IS IT???? My mail carrier is JUNK. Can I borrow yours?

PLO makes me laugh...."send crab legs" **snort**

Linda Lou said...

Got mine, sat in the yard and devoured it, of course, I will look at it again and again until next month's issue arrives...hope your friend made a good decision on her teacher issue!!

No.35style said...

I have all the issues, too! I don't get there special publications, because they are images from what's been in the main magazine. I love this magazine..it's my favorite!