Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh, boy.....

Hey all you good people..

We are taking off for the beach for a little R & R.

I thought Id show you a little something my DAD made. I took it out to my favorite, and only, little beach cottage.

We have crabs sign $75.

just in case you'd like one.

enjoy the beautiful weekend, all you Washingtonians- its nearly the last we are going to get before FALL sets in..Yes, I know...sad. Have FUN!!


coastal nest

: )


Michelle said...

Love the sign! Have fun at the beach!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Have a great weekend. Don't know if I'd be advertising it like that but love the sign anyway!

Melissa said...


The sign made me laugh. Sorry, it was just too cute.

I might be interested in one, if it said lobsters.

Your a hoot.

Enjoy your weekend at the beach.


debra said...

Love the sign. I am sure it gets all kinds of interesting comments! :)
Hope you had a great weekend.! said...

I love the sign! Is the Grand Heron selling them?

Bristol said...

Love the sign~ Hope you are having fun at the beach. We are headed to the lake~