Friday, August 15, 2008


As you will come to see that lil lady Mother Nature put on a show last night.
Oh, shes good

The man, bv, and his gal had a laaaaaate dinner last night. Kids were playing just perfectly and we were enjoying what we call a little P and Q..(piece and quite)
a little red wine, some fresh salmon, (yes--I do know red dosent quite go with salmnon but I made do) Bob had a steak..well in the middle of this fine event..We had to drop forks and run outside because something awesome was going on.
oh my goodness...

just makes you say wow.
Mother Nature.
It was worth the cold dinner.


Kat said...

WOW! Those are some amazing pictures. Just beautiful! We were checking out the almost full moon hovering near Mt. Rainier at sunset last night. Im thinking I should have looked the other direction now.
You had the perfect scenery for your P&Q time.

Melissa said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Mother Nature put on quite a show.


Michelle said...

Wow, beautiful shots! The sky in Seattle last night wasn't quite that dramatic, but we got a bit of a show here as well.

We drink red wine with salmon, too. We rarely have white wine around--mostly because of Mr. Picky, but I find it hard to find a really interesting white. Many food pairing authorities recommend Pinot Noir with salmon, which is a perfect PNW combination. Anyway, I say eat and drink what you like!

Mmm. Now I want salmon. And red wine.

Sarah said...


Susan said...

What beautiful skies! Absolutely gorgeous!

Michele said...

Sometimes it's so beautiful here in the NW that you actually have to pinch yourself to prove that you aren't dreaming! LOVE the phots. Thanks for sharing! (My dinner would have been cold, too!)