Friday, August 15, 2008

He's Home!!!!.....and boy oh boy..all BOY

Hello campers and welcome back!
we've missed you!

Here is camper manchild, to me he looks like hes grown a foot. Mommy missed her little big boy sooooooo much!
Hey Ry how about a little interview?
mom: What was your favorite part of camp, honey?
Ry: Possibly the swimming, and all the candy.
mom: Whats that on your arm there?
Ry: This is a deep water band, saying to the lifeguards I could go in the deep water part of the lake. I even swam across the whole lake without a life jacket.
mom: I knew you were headed for greatness! Are you going to be in the Olympics or something? Possibly another Phelps?
Ry: whaaaa?
mom: I guess you were at camp and didnt see the human dolphin swim.
Ry:whaaa? mom are we done?

mom: Just a minute now..Did you shower while you were gone?

Ry: Mom it was a bunch of boys,and we were in the water ALL.THE.TIME.That totally counts.totally.

mom: I like the look of those little tootsies, honey!!!

Ry: mine are clean compared to Jakes...

mom: Hey, I know you brushed your teeth, you wouldnt be able to stand it, right? smile for me honey, I want a photo.

Ry: Okay, mom.. you asked for it!

mom:...crickets...gasp....blech...THATS IT..IN THE SHOWER..GET THAT TOOTHBRUSH GOING!


interview abruptly ends with mother being totally repulsed, just as she said she would


NOTHING, but nothing was going to keep Rys special special peeps from the mauling he got when he arrived.

not even hairy teeth!

welcome home!


Sarah said...

What a big boy! I am loving the photo of the sibs huggin him up! You have beautiful children Lisa!! Just beautiful!

Michelle said...

Lakes instead of showers, dirty feet, unbrushed teeth--isn't that every boy's Disneyland? The photo of the sibling reunion is adorable!

Timi said...

LOL! That's cute. His feet totally grossed me out but it looks like he had a fantastic time.
Love the blue background on your blog!

Mrs. Jones said...

There are so many wonderful things about camp, including the absence of personal grooming. And this is why moms are *not* invited. ;-)

Ok, and your "buzz kill" comment on Martha's blog had me in hysterics.


Melissa said...

Sounds like a boy's life. Don't they have all the fun?


Kat said...

LOL! I love the dirty toes but the hairy teeth would do me in. I know you must have squeezed him till his bones squeaked! The picture of the sibs reunion is priceless.

Mrs. G. said...

I'm glad your boy is back safe and sound. He sure looks like you!

Martha said...


The teeth! THE TEETH!!! Ha haaaaa! I just love that you took a photo of that. I swear to God that EXACT periodontal condition is what we are constantly combating with here at Elizabeth Hill :)

Welcome home Ryan! You were clearly missed :)