Monday, August 4, 2008

4 Things you should know about me before you invite me to your house.

Ive got a new reader?!?!
and shes one of those "snoopy girls" (ha ha)
wants to know a little more about, moi?
okydoky then..shall we begin?
4 things you should know about me before you invite me to your house..
1) I will stress on my attire and change my clothes at least 3 times before you even see me. I know, its so pathetic..I really have nothing to wear!!
2) I will be checking out your house, oh yes I will. I am a total house peeper, from the moment I pull up in my ultra conservative honda minivan, until the time I leave in it, I WILL notice. Not notice in a "BAD" way or a judgy way..I am just interested in you and the way you live..really! I love to check out your dishes I assume we will be eating on, to the toilet paper you and your family use. Its just interesting to me. wierdo, huh. Maybe you shouldnt invite me. I also MAY jump into your bed to count your threadcount.. hhehe..justkiddin people!! KIDDING..
3) I really hope we are going to have a good lil somethin to eat, I love to eat. and DRINK so have some cocktails for me,arrrrite? And jeese, I hope you will imbibe and nibble, not fuss over the whole ordeal.. and music, good dancing music. Well, because I love to dance! good 80s music like, well anything except that cyndi lauper chick. how about some romantics or petshop boys or Wham?? I know, what a freak. your really asking why you invited me now, arent you..
4) I really like pets, but I dont want them to lick me and get up in my lap and all that. Sheesh, I just changed my clothes 3 times for this event and now I got cat hair and dog kisses all over me. (sighs) Maybe you really shouldnt invite me over. Its just too much for me right now. Lets hve this get together at my house. Ive got plenty of liquor and we can order dominos or something. Oh, and I just got the best of the 80s monthly cd from publishers clearinghouse.
Im tagging my peeps
Cutzie girl
Poision Girl
Mrs Fortner
and last but not in the least bit least..
Green eye..
I would love to tag Michelle in Seattle, but mannnn this girl dosent have a blog!!
Michelle, get a blog girl!


Traceytreasure said...

You'd be a really fun guest! Just so you know, my thread count is really high but you might want to check out my sleep number bed!! I love it!! It's comfy, that's all I'm sayin'!! You and Bob V. would be welcome to stay here!! The kids too of course!! My dishes are Corelle but only because they were my best friends in the whole world. She passed away and now they're mine. You would be very surprised at what's in the corners of my house. My furniture is pieced together like a puzzle!! Thanks for the me me!! I'll work on it today. It'll be up tomorrow at the latest!! I needed some love today and you made my day!! Hugs and love, T :)

Michelle said...

Oh, to blog or not to blog: that is the question. We'll see.

I love checking out people's dishes, too. I think you would enjoy scoping out my eclectic collection of thrift store finds and garage sale treasures. I love a bargain!

You're welcome at my house any time. I don't have anything to wear either, I'll make good food and drinks, and the guinea pigs are very well behaved.

Sarah said...

Dang you and I would get along well. I am nosy nancy too, more into furniture and not dishes. I would have a blast at your place I am sure! Oh and I dont have a dog, and my cats would just politely sniff and your toesies.... no biggie.

Our children could entertain each other while we had a cocktail!



Poison Girl said...

I knew we were soul sisters. You already wrote my 4 things...but...ok, I will do it anyway. I will be calling you every night at about 7pm to read you a chapter or two of the book...have a cocktail in hand, and enjoy. xoxoxoxo

Timi said...

Oh I'm not just a "New Reader" I'm a stalker. I was driving by your cute little beach house every day trying to get a look inside before I knew you had a blog! Now I just read and comment until I can get over to the beach again to look in windows. :-)
Thanks for playing along. You are MORE THEN welcome to come to my house! You and The Hubs can sit and play name that 80's tune all night long! He will be delighted that someone finally knows what he's talking about.
Thank you again for playing

Kat said...

LOL! You can come to my house anytime. We will have to move the party outside because the house is a wreck. There is a pretty garden and water feature to enjoy. We will be using paper plates and the food will be BBQd something. Im so layed back you can be bartender and Ill let you pick the music as long as its not rap.