Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Hey, Lisa whats new at Grand Heron?" ...you ask

Like to see it?
Here we go..
adorable reproduction brown transferware plates, 7 different styles, cute sachets and a handful of darling bird prints...
A great few dozen bracelets, perfect for this time of year. Tons of fun greens and blacks with a few kicky colors added in for a great relaxed look and lots of interest.
Art on your wrist! (my mom wears 2 or 3 at a time!)
I absolutely love these new "vintage" look gathering of wood canes.
great instant collection, if you want.
Hello, miss beautiful! gorgeous Marilyn Monroe style chandelier, Not sure why I called it the Marilyn-but.. its very stylish and sexy in white glass, I am going to find just the right shades for this beauty at market this weekend. Then.. you just wait.. Magnifique..no?
the double frame oval. adorable. perfect for your beach house..(or MY beach house!)
Then theres this SWANKY chair, I ordered. I adore it and think I will divorce BobVilla and marry this chair.
Hello Black and white new armless chairs and fun FUN FUN houndstooth ottoman.
not to mention the gorgeous YELLOW vases..

I ordered this for Pdub..think shell come and get it? yee haw! totally cute and unexpected.Wouldnt you say? On a cowhide rug, no less-
Another chair..It was the week of chair delivery, if you havent noticed. Cute and cuddly, great chair to cozy into and read a book or two..
Then theres this chair..Okay..If I havent told you yet, my boyfriend is going to come in and buy this chair, right after he gets done TOURING..

I know you know who I am talking about and I am sure you can see him and his beautiful bod in this sexy SEXY chair, leg flung over the arm saying

come on over baby..sit by me

now for all you readers click on that "come on over" above for the~reveal~

please read the whole thing, because you will see at the end who will look so goooooood in this chair~~~

Oh, its hot in the city...tonight!


Susan said...
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Susan said...

I love the herringbone ottaman. And you are so right B.I. would look fantastic in that last chair...of course he looks fantastic in nothing...uh...I mean everything!

Linda Lou said...

love the new things in your shop-I remember dancing to Billy Idol songs at my wedding reception-rock on Billy!!

Bristol said...

Lisa- Love everything~

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Such lovliness! So, I will take the brown transferware plates and that gorgeous tablecloth underneath them too. Please just send the bill to your boyfriend. You still have my address, right?

So happy that you are keeping the coastal nest. I plan on staying there when I come to visit you!

Traceytreasure said...

Can I call the store and order items over the phone via credit card? Let me know! Send me an email or something!! I would also like to see the award that I gave you on your blog. You sooooo deserve it! Check out DSotM blog for details!!
Love and hugs, T

Kat said...

Ohhhh myyyyy! You make me want to shop! Love the houndstooth otto and that yellow chair. You have bird prints?! I have to control myself but its so hard. I may have to visit your store. Im going to see if you have an addy posted.
Your boyfriend could probably float us all some credit...right?
I mean we could blackmail him by threatening to tell BV!

WSU Laura said...

I love it all! Esp. the B.I. chair. Next time your boyfriend is in town you ned to give Timi and I a call to join you. That looked like such a fun day.

BOSSY said...

Love love love love the pony ottoman. Such wit, such style.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Love that chair...I will take one of everything...pretty please! cherry

Melissa said...

I want everything. It's all so beautiful.


Sarah said...

You crack me up Lisa!!

Yes, Billy is a babe and would look great in that chair.

Please don't divorce BV for a chair, he is too much of a catch! Never leave a HAWT mail babe :)

I want to marry the yellow chair, and I am sure PW would love the Ottoman, I love cow print!

The Heron looks like such a great place! I will get there someday!

Sabina said...

Love it all!!

Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, I just love that furniture. I have an upholstery fetish.


Martha said...

I WANT IT ALLLLLLLLLLLL!!! Mmmwwwwaaahhhhhhh-ha-haaaa!!!!! ****wringing my hands with and evil laugh***

And like Mrs Jones? I, too, have a little upholstry fetish. Forget the Manolos, sister. I'd DIE for the ottomans!!!!