Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A "special" Day in the life.....oh yes.

You know it all started out very innocently,
shopping with some very special girlfriends of mine..ill introduce you in a minute.
We woke up early and I picked the girls up at 10 bells.
guess what- SANS CHILDREN!!!
YEEE HAW!We hit one of my favorite stores in "thecity"
we call it that now that we dont live here anymore, nope, NO WAY!
Travel time from Aberdeen to Seattle, with only one potty stop...
2 hours. Not bad, huh! there was no traffic. I think everyone knew we were coming.
anyway, anthropologie was up for us, looking smashingly I might say. Here are a few photos of the seattle store.
LOVELY little spot.I crave those wooden chandeliers that are everywhere now.Great old greenhouse piece..Then theres this adorable bench on the upper floor. I could really love to have this. oh yes, can we say $$$$? Ill pass.Cute lighting, funked up shades make a total statement..Here we are, oh your asking where?
Can you say Palomino for lunch and a few great cocktails?
Lil Sister Mary on the left, beautiful cousin Marcy in middle and lovely self on the right.
wooooo hoooo!!Those were good.. now lets go!!Here we are at Vons..first inside...for an after lunch and cocktails tooutside for what????more cocktails, a few martinis to start it off right..oh my goodness..the sexy is starting to fill the room!!!! oh yes....

who is it???
WHO IS IT, LISA~!!!!!!!

one very handsome guitarist with the same exact hair he had in the 80's..are you getting a clue?? Mony mony...
Hello Billy Idol, did I ever tell you that I would love to rub your body??? It was so much fun! now for your listening pleasure, a lil bit from the concert. Sorry its on its side, but youll get the drift. We had a great time. If you get the chance, go check him out. Him and his beautiful body, that is..

Thanks Mr Idol.



Michelle said...

Ooh, you naughty girl with your bootlegged video! Looks like a fabulous day out in the city with the girls!

Stacey said...

Thanks for the video of Sweet Sixteen - audio was great!! Saw him out in LA on Jimmy Kimmel last month and have front row tickets for Baltimore! Can't wait....

Lisa said...

Oh, man Stacey...Mr Idol will not dissapoint. Neither will Stevie Stevens, for that matter!
Hes a real sweet wicked treat for the eyes ladies.. trust me

Laurie Anne said...

I didn't know Mr. Idol was in town. Where did he play??
Anyhoo, sounds like a very fun trip and you had nice weather to boot (always a plus) :0)

Sarah said...

You sessy ladies!! I never knew you were a rockstar Lisa! I love Bil-lay! Love the lip curl... were you singing along?


Looks like Fun fun fun!!!Man I loved me some Billy back in the day..
The cocktails looked pretty good too....I have not had a girls day or night out in a while....

The nest looks so perfect and pretty.
Like a magazine layout.
You & Mr Villa have the the magic touch!!

Nora Bee said...

Looks pretty darn fun to me! I haven't had a night like that in a long time. I'm glad to find you through your Derfwad comment, and what a tragic story about your friend.

TraceyTreasure said...

Hey Lisa! Looks like you've been having some fun!
I heard from Plo. Did you hear from her too?
I sent you something. Did you get it yet?
Email me when you get a chance!! Thanks and Hugs!!