Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Window Mistreatments coastal nest style...FOR THE NESTER..

I am joining the Window Mistreatment Club...
As you can see here, this is your basic window mistreatment, Roman shade style.
It just so happened that I had these very very awesome tablecloths at Grand Heron that everyone that works there "covets" TOTALLY. Its so funny how we all have such very different styles, we adore the same things but apply them in such different ways..
Anyhoo, back on track. Coveted tablecloth, 4 small windows in the breakfast nook, gluegun, pillowcases and the Oprah AHA moment.... all culminated into some very cute curtains. Mind you this was at my OLD home..to this very day I still adore.
Yes, the green was bright, yes the black ivy wallpaper I adored was garish. but when you were in this room, girls... it was
I cut the tablecloth into 4 equal parts
I then glue gunned the sheets for a nice outside appearance, then double stick taped them to the window casing.Totally TOTALLY windged it just like most of you in the mistreatment land.
how we are all so alike.. I love all your fun ideas!!!
I need to get some more glue sticks!!
I am so glad that Mrs J got me turned on to
Thanks nestergirl!

I hope to be around more, and hope to see all you around more, as I am a decorating
if you want a little more of my style go ahead and click over there on the right.
to coastal nest decorates, or beach cottage progress, OR even my dear shop that I am speaking of Grand Heron Style...
see you around


Connie said...

That green color is to die for. Fabulous roman shades. I'm a fan myself.

Michelle said...

Ooh, I love that shade of green and the checkerboard floor! Very cute!

debra said...

Love that kitchen. The green is fabulous! Love the shades too. You are so creative. :)

Kat said...

Thats a happy color combo. It doesnt look garish at all. I bet it was hard to leave that kichen behind. Love that checkerboard floor and the mistreatments. lol!

Bonita said...

Is that not the cutest little dining area/kitchen you ever did see? Love it TOTALLY!

Lisa said...

Just in case you need to know, girls..my very own BobVilla did that floor, and yes I did the painting, and YES!! (KAT) it was VERY VERY hard to leave that beautiful home.. It had no yard, moved in with no 1 child and moved out with 3..AhEm, we needed a yard..
Love the comments girls..keep em comin!
at my very own coastal nest

Timi said...

LOVE IT! I wanted to join that list but I'm too lazy to even get mistreatments up!
I love your little kitchen and the colors

Sarah said...

Sooo cool. Love the color green!! You rock Lis!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Very cool shades....love the color. cherry

Mrs. Jones said...

Aaaah, I was just stopping by and saw my name and Your Cute Mistreatments! Way to go, girl. I just love them, and I absolutely love the green walls and black/white floors. (Oh, and Nester is so inspiring, isn't she?!) Cute, cute! You rock.


Linda Lou said...

What a fun kitchen Lisa!! I always wanted a checkerboard floor-lucky for you you're married to Bob Villa!! BTW I was in Split 4 years ago when we first made our trip to Croatia! Interesting place...you gotta go visit your peops!

Melissa said...


Thank you for your feedback about Carmel.

It sounds like a lovely place to visit.

Hope you have a great day.


Christina said...

Your mistreatments look great. I also love your green kitchen.

Martha said...


Quit dissin' my taste - because I LOVE that room!!!! Great job on the mistreatment, sistah!