Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My beach life..

I apologize for the neglect of this dear blog and all of you who come and peek. I know, I know.. I have heard from more than one of you sweethearts wondering if Im alright, if I have fallen into the surf, never to return. I know you all are used to me posting just about every day. ME TOO!! But, I have to tell you that we have been having a considerable ammount of fun and family out at the coastal nest, its just very hard to give up! I apologize..But, in the back of my mind, I really am thinking of you all. I have been taking a great many blog photos for you and am going to unload a ton of pretty (I think) shots of my peeps and my nest. Like to see em? Here we go..

I am sure you with the children have one of these kind of kids in your house..mezmorizing..nintendo ds..its a librarians, or mothers dream...sometimes..
One starts playing- the cute music starts to play.. its kind of like a moth to a lightbulb, isnt it??
Sometimes I think they have ran off and left me, go into the other room to look for my kiddoes and this is what I see. look at all that pretty quiet going on there..not to mention the gorgeous silky brown hair..
Pretty boy here, hes going to be 5 already! Hes my lil lover, adores to be a little dog called starry for his mother. Adorable little punk isnt he. Hes got my eyes and my build. I think he might be the one in the family called lady killer, always telling even strangers "your beautiful" Its soooo cute.. He is a chip off of the Vila block.
The rest of these shots are just from the cottage. I thought you might enjoy.

ebay purchase, cost me about $50 including shipping for the pair. they are HUGE. oh, the good old days of ebay..I fear they are waaaaay gone. you?
I did do a little window washing, lord knows that beach sand sticks to new windows like glue!!
If you remember, when we were getting the Grand Heron up and running I posted a few photos of my dad and Uncle Butch. He is the one that made this salmon sign, many many years ago, when Olympia actually HAD a salmon run, this was down near the pier somewhere. Its something thats been in our house for a very very long time, I fished it out of my brothers room, took it to my first house with us when BobVila and I got married ( It was a very primitive patriotic style then, I loved this, very much and still do!)
This little corner of my coastal nest is one of my favorites, crave the faded green chairs with my wall color (restful from Home Depot) The box that the shells are in is a found piece from the location of the new Grand Heron. totally works with the non-theme of the place, eh?
This is one of Debbie Thibaults pieces Miss Liberty. one of the crave-able things in my collection. My mama gave it to me.. love ya mom!!

My pacific beach sticker, now on the back of the old ultra conservative Honda Minivan..ugh! ( do love that van, btw..drives like a cadillac)
my stove..
my dining table and lots of beach finds thrown into a great large wooden carved bowl from -you know where- Grand Heron..you gotta come there!!!
$1 garage sale stool and small chest..
Pretty window treatments-another soft touch I love..Well, that is all that blogger is letting me add today, not sure whatsg oing on with things in blog land, seems it dosent like my photos too much. Anyone else having the problem of "error" something or other..I hate that!!
I hope all of you are enjoying your summer. I spent last night stalking my favorite blogs and have to say that miss Sarah is doing lots of work over at Fortner family. Cute sarah!! Bizzy bizzy girl. Bristols got some new stuff in her shop. Work it girl!! Marty, well, shemust be out chasing down her policeman boyfriend cuz SHES not bloggin.. hehe..Mrs G just got back from Vacation, and realized shes a lucky chick, like we didnt know DERF!! Tracey -and her treasures are having a ball with some gifts from the sea "happy birthday over there!" and all you others, well.. i love ya all!!
until next post-
coastal nest
If your ever in Port Angeles, my Aunt Donita has a rockin new shop there. Shes on First street in downtown, its called BABY Grand. Its really a darling place. Check it out if your up there!!!

another ps.. I realize that this will totally trip my Real Estate agent up with all the hits that the Coastal Nest will get, but..I need to get an offer!! If you know anyone who is seriously looking for a darling beach cottage..gulp..(lump in throat..) heres my coastal nest.. up for sale..the cats out of the bag now.


Michelle said...

Lisa, if you could somehow transport the cottage to Seattle (a little sliver of beach would be great, too) I would snatch it up in a second! A house this size would actually be perfect for us, and I love, love, love what you've done with it! But I'm afraid the commute would get a tad tedious, especially considering we don't own a car. . .

Suzy said...

Hey........you said "eh" like a Canadian! A good friend of mine lives in Tacoma....is your shop on the way down there from Vancouver, BC? I do NOT know how to decorate...you blow my mind. I love seeing all your talent laid out on your blog, and I check in when I can!

Dona said...


Another great set of pics! Your family is adorable and it shines so evident how you don't take a minute of their existence for granted!

I can't tell if I want to send good real estate karma to you or if I want it for you but slightly delayed so you can enjoy that charming beach cottage for the rest of the summer....:) BTW, where did you purchase that wonderful Swedish fridge?

Enjoy your day!~Dona

g said...

gorgeous!!! I live in LA now, but lived in Seattle for 20 years before that. I really miss your beautiful islands. You have a nice blog, Lisa!

Linda Lou said...

I just looked at your coastal nest listing, i can't believe how reasonable it is, how close to the ocean? Down here in San Diego that little beauty would be $700-$800,000. It is so darling!!!

Biddy said...

why are you selling?!?!?!?!?!?!

thanks for stopping by my bloggy and for commenting! i lurve me some comments :-D

hope you have a wonderful week!

Biddy said...

oh and p.s. that yellow damask pillow is pretty much GORGEOUS!

Sarah said...

Holy Hell I missed you! I am here checking on you and checking on you and checking on you...

I love the listing photos! So cute. I know I have said it many a time, but - GRIL, you can decorate!!!! Your family is beautiful.

Keep blogging girl- or I get some serious withdrawals without you!!

Melissa said...


I just found your blog. I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed visiting.

I just started my own blog named Sunbonnet Cottage. If you get a chance, I would love it if you could visit.

My blog address is: http://sunbonnetcottage.blogspot.com/

Thank you.


Melissa said...


Thank you so much for commenting on my blog.

It's funny, I live in Idaho and have never been to Lewiston.

I love your personality. It comes shining through in your posts.

I hope we get to visit again soon.

Have a marvelous day.


Martha said...

I'm here, I'm here!!

Just not blogging much....that darn Noodle is keeping me busy!


Melissa said...



I just saw your pictures of your dining room on the flyer for your home being for sale. By the way, I wish I could buy it.

Anyway, we have the same green Pottery Barn dining room chairs.

I knew I loved your style right away.

I wish I lived closer. I know I would probably be buying everything from your Mother's store.

What beautiful style you all have.

Sunbonnet Cottage

Melissa said...


I am new to visiting your blog, however, it has quickly become one of my most favorites. Your blog makes me laugh out loud. Laughter is a gift and thank you for sharing.

I just passed on an award to you.

Please stop by Sunbonnet Cottage to receive your award.

Many thanks.

Sunbonnet Cottage

Liz said...

Your house is always so lovely and peaceful. Sigh.

Bristol said...

Lisa- Oh I am in love. The cottage is gorgeous. You my friend are uber talented

Susan said...

Hi Lisa,
I love Coastal Nest and the cottage. I would love living in it! I wouldn't mind moving back to Washington, either.

I have an award for you on my blog.
Please come by and pick it up.
Hugs, Susan

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

What a great cottage, and great blog! Enjoying "meeting" you!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

The pictures just make me sigh (in a good way) and smile. Love your laid back style. Now is this your perm. residence or a summer cottage? Either way I wish you luck in whatever endeavors you aspire to. cherry

Poison Girl said...

Oh girl, it has been a fortnight since my last comment. I will tell you that I was so addicted to my NINTENDO that I could not blog. PLease forgive me...and if I can come back...you can stay. LOVE YA! PLO

Melissa said...


I just know I would love that shop of yours.

It sounds like it has perfect accessories for Sunbonnet Cottage.

Have a great week.


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Love those gorgeous pics of your coastal nest. I know it must break your heart to give it up. I'm totally craving that brown pillow. Your kiddos are cute as a bug's ear!