Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When it all starts coming together...

Remember this dude, from the last post? Uncle Butch. He has been, and always will be a sign painter. FROM WAAY BACK.
Its the only thing he does, well he does lots of custom stuff, including custom work like Harley Bikes, tricked out cars or trucks, anything that needs a cool custom paint job- hes the man.
He did our new signage for the new temporary location.
I adore it.
great black and white, easy to read, and it lets the potential shopper know what exactly is inside the shop.Behind the counter, in white with a little silver stripe.
Just in case you need to remember where you are when you are writing that
LARGE check... for all you fabulous interiors you just purchased

Here are Dad and Uncle Butch up on the awning. BE CAREFUL OLD DUDES!!!

Here are some cute little helpers. Lord those children are

ADORABLE, agree? I knew you would.

This, my friends, is my favorite new piece of signage.

The marquee sign.

THIS can get a girl going.

Although its a temporary spot its turning out to be a

magnificent start...

to something even more


stay tuned


Michelle said...

Ooh, it's looking great! I'm sooo glad you're finally back in business!

Those are some adorable helpers! Are they still on the "menu"? (That is one of the cutest misspeaks ever.)


Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind comments!it is people like you that make me love blogland, it has given me so much support...thanks for taking the time to visit! I love your signage! your uncle rocks! I wish he lived nearby..would he commute to Minnesota? Have a great day!

Sarah said...

Ooooh awesome signage!! I am glad you guys are getting everything up and going again, and yes- those are some cute little helpers you have!

Traceytreasure said...

Hey Lisa, Everything looks just FAAABULOUS DAAALING!!

You can come swimming anytime, bring those adorable kids, the pool's big enough. Just wait a week so you don't come when it's RAINING!!

Congrats on everything coming together! Best wishes and hugs!

PLO said...

This is amazing. It is so cool to see this...my Grandfather was a sign painter...among his credentials is the logo for Point Beer...I knew you would appreciate that! I think I have told you that my Mom is an interior designer...no wonder we are so cool.

Martha said...

Best sign EVAH!!!! I like those two fonts together!


Martha said...

I forgot to mention how gorgeous the kiddos are. Yummy and sweet!!!