Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Evening shots at Pacific Beach Washington..

Hey Everyone!!!
I know, Im still here.. Just been ultra busy trying to work, and be a mom and wife. Its a full boat! I know, you know how it goes..So anyway, I hope that all are having a great summer and things with your families are going super smooth!
Here are some evening shots from the lil ol Coastal NEst. Above is my neighbors house. I love it, all that texture when his lights go on. (disregard the Wii reflection, a-Hem)
Hello milk glass footed bowls. Talk about a great mood light. I got these at our local junk store for a $1 each. Bargain betty..
Then theres this!
And this...
and last but not least, one of my favorite parts of the North Beach..The craggy windswept pines. Bonsai if you will. A nice family of crows live in that thicket somewhere. Caw CAwCAW!!! sometimes they can drive me crazy, but its fun to watch them interact. Just like they are saying about us. There truely is a family dynamic there thats interesting to watch.

Now on to another subject people...We are thinking of turning the Coastal NEst into a vacation rental, its simply not being shown and its starting to drain, no let me rephrase that, has drained us completely of any savings, ect. so..my question to you is..do any of you readers have a vacation rental you could give me tips on, OR... are you interested in becoming one of my first renters???? We are jumping in here and really dont know what the water will be like, so.. any fun facts or interesting tidbits will helps us immensely.

And if you want to rent, let me know..we can work something out. I know your going to love it out here..
Thanks, people..as usual I will be anxious to see what youall have to say..
xoxoxox, from the coastal nest..

if you wanted to see the listing again its right HERE


Anita said...

You probably already know about these, but they might give you some ideas!


Michelle said...

Lisa, I would love to be a renter! I'll email you for details!

Cutzi said...

Hey Lisa - I know we (you) e-mailed briefly. Sorry I never wrote you back - bad bloggy friend. Would love some more info. Mainly - rates.

Now, I don't manage your bank account - but I was so sad to see you put it on the market! It's so adorable and wouldn't you love to be able to stay there with your family whenever you wanted? If you're able to swing it - it would be so great to keep. Plus.. just think of all your hard work!

Laurie Anne said...

I think you should keep it. I could see myself and my mom making the drive out for a little salty air ( I hear the shopping is good to boot) :0)

Poison Girl said...

Ok...lets start with the beginning. 1. does everyone but me have a wii? (that ryhmed) 2. I have an extensive collection of milk glass, it is the bomb! 3. killer photographs girl! 4. I think the vacay rental idea rocks! We are thinking of heading EAST next Summer, and would definately love to rent it. I would assume that the cost of the rental includes the entertainment of said landlords, and free clamming lessons...followed by a seafood banquet...and booze. Hmm?

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Those pictures are delightful! Lisa, some friends here rent out their cottages frequently. Most of them use an internet rental listing service...took awhile to get going, but now it is rented as much as they want (remember you can reserve time also). Another friend/neighbor on the Delaware river used to rent out her summer camp as a "writers retreat". Marketed it that way.

Good luck to you...I would rent it if I was heading your way. It is a beaut!

WSU Laura said...

I was just in Pacific Beach and remember driving by your cute cottage and pointing it out to my husband.

Timi said...

LOVE IT!!! I just spent some time at Pacific Beach for the first time. We LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!! Will be going back again before the summer is over. If your little cottage is the one I think it is.................WHAT A FANTASTIC RENTAL!!!

Hedy King said...

Do you have a website with rental info? Or something? I'd love to rent in the Pacific Beach area. We usually go to the Gulf, but I love the North West, too. Please, post some more info re: the Coastal Nest. Thanks, And I love your blog.